cookie face-off

pumpkin oatmeal vs. pfeffernusse:

it's a tie! i think the pumpkin would have won just because i love anything pumpkin-flavored, but it didn't come through enough. it also had raisins and walnuts, so they definitely complicated things. the pfeffernusse is a traditional german holiday cookie that's kind of gingersnap meets mexican wedding cake meets black licorice. i'd never made them before, but i took it to a cookie-baking swap party, and they were pretty good. i got a TON of cookies to take back - i would go into a diabetic coma if i tried to eat all those myself. the hostess of this party had fresh, mulled apple cider, and it was delicious.

last night, i went to a potluck. i made sweet potato-black bean enchiladas, which, of course, were a hit. i forgot to take a picture, though. we played some improvisation games afterward, which was hard for me, but i think i did a pretty good job. there is an improv class my friend attends that i'm thinking about. it seems like it would help me with my fear of people. i doubt it will do anything to alleviate my fear of coleslaw, though.

friday night, i went to a "punk rock winter formal" with m:

sorry, this was the punkiest i could look. my pink-hair days are long gone.

the vandals (my favorite) were the featured band at this event, but they played mostly songs off their xmas album. they're still funny, but i wanted to hear more "secular" selections.

so i've been busy since c has been in missouri.

i had my first colonic wednesday. sure, it's a bit uncomfortable and weird, but you feel like a million bucks afterward. really. i felt like i had lost twenty pounds and was walking on air. i felt like i was all up in the ether, or something. i'm getting another. i might even get a series.

i tried to juice fast last week but screwed up every night by eating dinner. something about the sun going down made me need food even after not being too hungry all day. i don't think i was drinking enough juice, honestly. i am still juicing practically every night before bed. i am going to try again after the holidays. c and i were trying to juice some grapefruits, but we didn't know that the peel is toxic for some people. so we were juicing the whole thing (peel included) like we do with lemons, and we felt soooooo sick afterward! i made the mistake of doing it twice just in case the grapefruits we tried had gone bad or something! major nausea. i threw out all the rest of the grapefruits, thinking that maybe we got a bad batch. but then i did an internet search and learned that the rind is toxic. oops.

my sleep is better some nights, the same old on others. i feel like it is getting better overall and didn't expect 100-percent improvement overnight. everyone is telling me to eat meat since i was sleeping at least on my candida diet, but i don't want to! i already tried it and hated it. yes, i slept on that diet, but it could have been the entire lack of sugar or just the lack of things that gave me any energy. i feel it would compromise all the work i do trying to track my food intake and balance my diet optimally because optimal, to me, does not mean any kind of animal products. i know i am getting all the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients i am supposed to be getting, so i am not convinced that eating meat is going to supply me with anything i'm not already getting to help me sleep. plus there are plenty of vegetarians who don't have insomnia and insomniacs who aren't vegetarians.
all that being said, c is worried about me and really wants me to try it, so i think i will for him. i will try eating an egg tonight. i don't want to do it every day; maybe i could get away with once a month or every couple of weeks? i suppose i would start off strong and decrease it over time if i want. hopefully this will be better as i am not removing any food i was eating, just adding a protein. another thing i just thought of is i mostly stopped eating tofu when this started, so maybe i should eat some tempeh (which is healthier than tofu since it's fermented, apparently). tonight, though, i will see if i can stomach an egg - the thought nauseates me. but i'd rather eat an egg or a piece of fish than drink a glass of milk.

i'm going back to indiana tuesday.


some new developments

i am the potluck queen as well as the best recipe-follower i know. not to be conceited or anything. but every time i go to a potluck, everyone agrees my stuff is the best, whether it is a side dish, entree, or dessert. and all i have to do is find a recipe that looks good, buy and assemble the ingredients, and follow the instructions! it's really that easy! i made pumpkin pie brownies for the holiday party at the aikido dojo, and they were just gobbled up. they looked approximately like this:

taken from vegancupcakes.wordpress.com because i didn't get a chance to take my own and it would have looked worse anyway. the recipe is there as well.

i sent my folding bike back, and it cost me over $100 in shipping charges. who knew? and i outfitted my flea market bike with a higher seat, so that's wonderful. now i should be able to ride it without horrible leg cramping.

i went to a doctor who wanted to diagnose me on every symptom individually. when i say i'm stuffed up? "you have allergies. here's some nose spray." when i say i'm gassy? "you have irritable bowel. here's some vitamin b5." when i say i've got muscle pain and fatigue all the time regardless if i've exercised recently? "you have fibromyalgia." etc. etc. irritable bowel often accompanies fibromyalgia, and after looking up these things, it all seems to fit together. i go back on wednesday to see how i'm reacting to all the new medications. and all i went in there for was more sleeping pills! lexapro is supposed to start helping me sleep, but if it doesn't, i'll probably be able to get some more ambien or some lunesta or something out of her.
the doctor also recommended i start using a neti pot for my congestion. i have been using it for two days but feel more congested. maybe it takes a while to wash all that stuff out.

i got my juicer (thanks, mom and dad!) and have been making juice every night since i got it. today i embarked on a juice fast in which i consume nothing but juice and water, so we'll see how long i can do it. it's supposed to make you feel great, which is just what i need. if you juice enough things, you still get plenty of calories and all the nutrients but the fiber. the idea is to stop shoving more matter into your colon and give it a chance to clean the old stuff out (sorry if that's gross). to help it along, i'm getting a colonic on wednesday, which is also supposed to make you feel good. so by the end of the week, i should be feeling full of energy and pretty darn good! i hope it works since not much else has seemed to so far.

i set up the christmas tree:

we had the company holiday party at la mar cebicheria peruana, and it was actually a good restaurant choice they made. they seem to pick gross places a lot, but they like them, so maybe it's just me. but this place was without a doubt delicious. i had a yummy salad, a tamale appetizer, sweet potato chips and plantain chips AND regular potato chips with several dips, some sweet potato/pumpkin fritters for dessert, and some tasty wine. corey would love it, partly because their specialty is raw fish.


just a short update

i made this coconut chocolate kream pie:

i cannot figure out for the life of me why this picture is turned this way, but it was really delicious. it had a chocolate layer underneath the coconut layer. i hacked open three coconuts myself to make this pie. here's the only method that works for me: i hammer a screwdriver into several places on the top of the baby coconut, and then i drain away the water (which is a really yummy and refreshing drink on its own). then i set it on the counter, take a cleaver, and hack away at it (aiming for the same spot) over and over until it's cracked enough that i can pry it apart with my hands. then you scoop out the white with a spoon and try to keep shell splinters out of the deliciousness. it is difficult and time-consuming, but i think it is worth it to enjoy fresh coconut!
we rearranged the bedroom.
sadie has been unusually affectionate since we got back from santa cruz. i wonder if i'll find some poop behind the couch or something later this week.
i decided i'm probably not going to send holiday cards until i stop appearing on my parents' (will that ever happen?). plus i'd probably want to send the ones where you have a holiday-themed family photo or write a lengthy, gushing letter, and i don't know if i could talk corey and sadie into appearing.
we went on a bike ride last weekend, and it totally wore me out. part of it was because it was super-hard to pedal my bike since the seat post is too short to adjust to be high enough for me.
i have been really exhausted this week (not sleeping again), so i didn't get to do as much as i wanted to. that's why this post is so short.


thanksgiving and more

i started sleeping again recently. i think it's partially because i've been taking melatonin every night, which is supposed to start making you tired at a usual time.
we went to santa cruz for thanksgiving. it was really nice. we went on a great hike:

we watched the happening. this movie has a great concept but terrible writing and possibly acting. when i heard/repeated that mark wahlberg never made a bad movie, i was wrong.

i made pumpkin pancakes, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, a seitan roast, and a pecan-pumpkin pie, which is supposed to look like this:

it ended up looking like this:

but it was basically the most delicious thing ever regardless.

after buying a folding bike and waiting for a week for it to come in the mail, i have come to the conclusion that i must send it back, especially since they changed the rules at the dojo so that now we can keep bikes inside in the back, which cuts out my main risk factor. so today we went to the oakland flea market. my stolen bike wasn't there (i imagine it got snatched up the weekend right after it was stolen), but i learned i am not very good at haggling after trying to talk a $75 pink bike down to $40 and a $60 bike down to $50. i ended up with the $60 bike:

it's a boy's bike, i think, and we learned the seat post doesn't go up high enough, so i have to get a new one of those. but otherwise, it's a pretty solid bike. sadie approves:

my friend let me borrow her dehydrator to try it out. it's pretty cool. we made some tasty dried apples and bananas, but the cranberries didn't do so hot. i dehydrated them for probably 18 hours, and they showed no progress.

i made a faux rice (thanks to ani phyo's raw food cookbook) by processing butternut squash and adding cranberries and cilantro and other stuff:

i took this image from the internet because i didn't feel like taking my own.

nothing else is going on, really! does anyone read this anymore?



it's been a long time! sorry to anyone who reads this.

umm, let's see...

sandi (corey's mom) came to visit. it was very nice. she did our dishes. but we totally neglected to take any pictures while she was here.

i am playing around with this stupid diet. i'm replacing the sugary stuff and the tofu and all with foods such as nuts, which means a GIGANTIC portion of my diet right now is made up of fat (think 60+ percent). i can't tell how well it works yet - last night, i was not in a very good place and decided to drown my feelings with cereal. i also woke up at 4 a.m. for two hours, a routine with which i am quite familiar but that i haven't dealt with since starting the original diet. there's got to be a middle ground! i think i can make some seitan and have it as a low-fat source of protein; i just didn't feel like making it before and wanted to cover all my bases. but this is ridiculous.

i am a little ill at the moment with head cold-ish symptoms.

monday and wednesday are kyu tests at aikido. i am not up for promotion, so i just get to watch. but monday's were interesting and exciting. i like the people there; i hope they like me! this friday is a movie night at the dojo, so maybe i'll get a little more feedback then.

saturday is a veggie potluck. i'm bringing a yam pecan bake (exciting name, i know). corey hasn't decided yet if he is coming. after that, my friend wants to go dancing at '80s night at the cat club (did i post about this? it was awesome last time), so that might be in the works, too. a busy weekend is ahead.

thanksgiving plans are still not solidified. if we go nowhere, a friend of mine has offered to have us (along with others) over for dinner, and to that i would probably bring a pie and a side dish of some sort. if we decide to go somewhere like santa cruz or even just stay home together all day, i'll probably still make a pie along with several other dishes (no tofurky allowed), maybe mashed potatoes and gravy, a celebration roast (i saw this at the whole foods; maybe it will be good), green beans, whatever.

this week, i made some really good oatmeal blueberry cookies and a cabbage-kale salad (no pictures, sorry). i also made some faux-cos (or perhaps ta-fauxs), which are pretend tacos made of ground-up nuts with olive oil and mexican spices (meat), shredded carrots (cheese), a red cabbage leaf (shell), and a few cherry tomatoes (salsa), since i either am not supposed to have or do not want the real versions of these things. i swear they are pretty good.

my new bike is due to come friday via fedex:

i wish the wheels were bigger, but i guess i will just have to trade looking cool for extra exercise and bike security. at least this one is also pink. i also made a bunch of other impulse purchases right after my bike was stolen as a sort of retail therapy. when they come, i will likely return many of them. i miss my bike. someday, i'll buy another "real" bike just to take out on rides and trails where i won't have to lock it up somewhere that's not in our garage.



we found maggots growing on and around sadie's food dish. they look like little rice grains. she makes a big mushy mess out of her food, but we haven't cleaned it in a long time. i know i put it off because it just looked so icky. but now we've cleaned and disinfected everything. i wish we had done this sooner; we would have known where all the flies were coming from.

i started keeping a list of stuff i crave that i'm not allowed to have throughout the week so that i can cheat one day a week. i accidentally spread out those things friday AND saturday, and i enjoyed a waffle with strawberries and a nice cinnamon roll. it wasn't a belgian waffle like i wanted, but hey, i take what i can get.

my symptoms aren't going away yet really, but at least i think my food addiction is dissipating. i can't eat much that i like, so i rarely want to eat at all!

corey made a nice shrimp scampi the other night.

i went dancing for the first time since i left college last night. a friend and i went to '80s night at the cat club. it was pretty fun.

i bought a sugar pie pumpkin to attempt cutting, baking, and eating it with some cinnamon and allspice and other spices to cure my pumpkin pie craving. i will tell you now: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. biggest waste of time and pumpkin in my entire life. i spent at least an hour cutting, and seeding the thing. then it had to bake for an hour. then cool. then i had to peel it, which took at least 30 minutes. when it was finally done, i was so excited to spice it up and pop it in my mouth, and i did. and it was disgusting. never again. don't bother. buy a can of pureed pumpkin instead.

not much else to report, i guess. i am sleeping pretty well lately, probably due to the low-sugar, extremely high-fat diet i'm eating. it just puts me to sleep!


cupcakes, please

all i can think about is food, mostly sweets. i started keeping a list of cravings that i'm not allowed to fulfill but that i have throughout the week with the promise that i can eat a "healthy" version of one of these items at week's end (if a healthy version is available). right now on my list: hot apple cider, some baked good with pumpkin flavor, belgian waffle with whipped cream and strawberries, and cinnamon rolls. i am leaning toward the cinnamon rolls since i found a decent recipe made of nuts (rather than flour, which i can't really have).

i shall never take sweets and carbs for granted again. i hope to keep up this list thing and stay away from most refined sweets during the week.
HOWEVER, check out these awesome cookies. they're called "no" cookies, which means they have no amounts of typical good ingredients (gluten, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, etc.). but they are still ok and help me get through the day.
i am sleeping better. i at least feel like this is starting to work. but otherwise i feel not too good. when am i supposed to start having energy?

we had a nice halloween. i was a pumpkin.

corey was not dressed up. we went into the city and spent time with some friends. we got no candy.

i had my first manicure/pedicure today. i just wanted to do something to make myself feel better. i just got a buff, but my nails are SO shiny. next time, though, i think i'll pay the extra $10 for "callus care."


two whole years?!

yes, really. this is what he got me:

so sweet. look how cute that pumpkin is!
i got him a box of specialty's cookies. they are mostly gone.
we sat down, did the math, and decided that today, 10/22, was the real day. we decided to go out to lunch. i picked an indian buffet. i was so, so wrong. i miss the indian buffets on broadway in columbia and in broad ripple in indianapolis. those were so good. this one had little variety, no napkins, bland food, but decent naan. they did not have the gulab jamun, which is my favorite indian dessert (but only if they're hot - don't even touch them if they try to serve them cold). but now we know, at least.

warm weather is back. if you stayed inside the apartment all day, you might think HOT weather was back, but you'd be mistaken. i'm noticing that i really don't feel any different off the claritin than on it. i still have to stay off it until i'm tested next monday, so there's still time for things to act up, but maybe it's not an allergy at all and instead some kind of internal sinus defect. i guess we have to wait and see.

i attempted making something with a pumpkin. i thought i had bought the right kind, but it turns out the flesh was tough, fibrous, and near impossible to cut, so it looks like i didn't really get a sugar pumpkin after all. i might try again and ask this time. i hate it when food goes to waste, but i had to throw the whole thing out.

i made tortilla soup but forgot to take pictures. maybe tomorrow. it's really quite spicy. next time i might leave out the jalapenos.

hmm, what else... i had a dentist appointment. the 2009 horoscopes are delayed yet again, no thanks to the writer. i made reservations at the hyatt in indianapolis july 3-4 for sarah's wedding. i realized i could have stayed with my family, but i wanted to be available for full wedding support, and this way, i can be up close where all the action is and take notes!



so i hadn't been sleeping too much, and it's been screwing with my schedule. but the past few days, i have slept really well. wednesday night was so bad that i didn't go into work thursday. but i have since then been sleeping like a log but still being tired during the day. maybe this good sleep will continue, and that would help a lot!

my allergist is going to test me for mold, specifically candida (which google says is a fungus). but i have to be off claritin for a week, starting tomorrow. this will really not be fun, but it must be done.

i'm getting a lot better at aikido. i can roll now, at least. i'm also exercising in general a lot more in an attempt to sleep better as well as not eating later at night (for the most part).

i have a bike!

ain't she a beaut? now i can go places without making corey drive me!

i went to a couple different meetups this weekend, all food-related. but i met a few nice people and enjoyed myself, especially at cafe gratitude. this is now among my favorite restaurants. i want their cookbook. corey went to friday's dinner with me at a south indian place in berkeley. i had never had that kind of food before, and it was really pretty good. i think i still prefer north indian food, though.

then saturday afternoon, corey and i went to the red bull soapbox derby. the gene simmons tongue/kiss car:

the pig car didn't make it too far.

we have a death star car, a home-run/barry bonds/baseball car (which came down kind of on fire or something), a hamster wheel, a transamerica building car, and more.

it was cool! we stood right by a ramp jump for the cars.

each run was preceded by a song and dance by the team members, who were in costume.

i made an ancho-chile/lentil soup with grilled (broiled in my case) pineapple.

corey and i have our two-year anniversary tomorrow. i guess that's about it!


computer = fixed!

sadie says hello.

so my computer is fixed, and now i can catch my avid readers up on what i've been doing the past few weeks.

dad came to visit. we saw muir woods,

the golden gate,

sausalito (not pictured and with good reason),

my work,


cable cars,

coit tower,

and more.

yes, mom, more pictures are coming by e-mail soon!
corey drove us around everywhere. i also hailed my first taxi and ate like crap this weekend because we were eating out all the time. seafood and eggs benedict restaurants are not the norm for me. it wreaked havoc on my digestion.
which is also what happened this weekend. corey and i went to missouri, and i ate and drank so much CRAP that i don't think i would have survived another day there. don't even OFFER me anything like cookies, chips and salsa, or dots - i will make a fool of myself and regret it later!
i also didn't work out while away, opening a loophole for the insomnia to come back in full force last night.
i ate at two restaurants i used to love, but they both disappointed me. formosa has turned into some kind of "cajun/chinese" place, and their hot and sour soup did not do me any favors. nor did main squeeze, which used to have a gigantic menu with tons of breakfast items and such. their menu has shrunk considerably, so i couldn't get the scrambled tofu/soysage plate i used to get sometimes. next time i hope we can go to the indian buffet!

BUT we got to do some cool stuff. i got to see my friends.

we got to see the infamous roy c.

we got up-close and personal with buddy guy.

we got to see corey's family.

it was fun, but i am drained. so this week i just need to get back in my groove. on the menu this week are veggie sushi and miso soup along with the famous broccoli/white bean/cheezy soup. it's very easy. i make it a little different each time, but the basic recipe is at the end of this post.

this week, i am just trying to rest and recover. I NEED A BIKE. i hope we can go to target on wednesday so that i can get one. i thought about ordering one, but you have to assemble it, and i don't trust us with that really. plus shipping is through the roof.


faux-cream of broccoli soup:

1 lb white beans (navy, great northern, whatever)
4 crowns broccoli, chopped into tiny pieces (i don't usually use much of the stems, just the florets)
2 quarts vegetable broth
0.5 onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon olive oil
marjoram, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper to taste (i just keep shaking them all in there until i like how it tastes)
0.25 cup nutritional yeast (or shredded cheese if you're not like me)

soak and cook beans. this takes about a day. set aside.
in large soup pot, heat oil on about medium (try not to let it burn). add onions, and sweat for about five minutes. then add garlic, and stir for a minute or so. add broccoli and spices, and stir for a couple minutes. add broth, stir, cover, and bring to a boil. once it is boiling, turn heat to low, and simmer until broccoli is very, very soft. stir in cooked beans and yeast/cheese. voila!
but then you need to puree it somehow. a hand blender is great if you have one because then you can just puree it right in the pot and eat it right away. otherwise, you have to let it cool and then put it in a blender or food processor or whatever. you don't want to puree all of it because the chunky bits are nice. just some.
before i've added diced carrots and celery, soy milk for extra creaminess, potato, and probably other things i can't remember. it's a great basic. corey loves it, and you will, too.


broken computer

yes, again. just so all my avid readers know, semiregular posting will be continued once i get it fixed.
we're deep in the trenches of mercury retrograde, so that's not the only thing screwing up right now!


must... sleep...

i went to corey's final softball game on thursday night in the presidio.

they won, but it was cold, and they were short a player or two. corey plays first base, and he is good.

yesterday we went to jack london square to go to the barnes & noble.

then we went over to heinold's first and last chance saloon, a 150-year-old bar that is very historic because jack london was there a lot, i guess.

somebody transported a cabin that he used to live in overseas so it could stand next to the saloon.

it smells like fish down there, perhaps because there are tons of seafood restaurants. there's a lot going on in that area of town. there was also this conveniently sized wolf statue.

then we went to the most fabulous sushi restaurant i've ever been to. i have no need to eat at another sushi restaurant ever again. the food was creative (i ordered a vegetarian bento box with avocado sashimi), the service was good, and the sake was unlimited. i thought i had died and gone to heaven. it's near the lake, so we were even able to walk there.

we watched speed racer (auhhhh!) last night. it was a real trip.

i didn't sleep much last night, per usual. i decided to get up at about 5 and go for a walk. i started going to the lake but then realized that could be a bit dangerous, so i changed direction toward the walgreen's, where i assumed i could get clumping cat litter and some flashlights. no luck! apparently this one is not open 24 hours a day. so then i went to samuel merritt college's library, outside of which they have a green space with picnic tables and the like. i sat there for a while and came back a little after 6. i don't think i'll do that again, though. i guess it's time to start taking ambien.

on a brighter note, do you ever want to bake brownies but don't have the time to sit around and let them bake and then cool? then have i got a deal for you! take 1.5 cups of walnuts (or almonds or hazelnuts or some other non-creamy nut), 10 dates, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, and 0.5 tsp vanilla. run the nuts through until they are powdery. add everything else, and process until it's all mixed up and sticking together. press into some kind of dish, slice, and eat! SO GOOD. you could probably warm this a little in the microwave or something.

here i've put some honey on it. yum.

also featured today was a nice veggie lo mein.

it was pretty good but wasted a lot of cabbage and made my biggest mess yet.

my new attempting-to-sleep-better plan is as follows:
- work out every single day, no exceptions, with either gym in the morning or pilates class in the afternoon - no evening workouts except aikido
- eat no snacks after dinner
- go to bed before 10 every night this week to reset my clock or whatever
- stop drinking alcohol (which can make you sleepy but disrupt it throughout the night) for a while
here's hoping it works! i'm exhausted. i went to the gym and failed miserably because i was too tired to do anything. i could barely do 75% of the weight i usually lift, and i did five minutes on the bicycle and was soaked in sweat! when songs are running through my head, i wonder if i'm depriving myself of music during the day and that's why my head likes to play it at night. i stopped listening to my ipod after a rash of robberies broke out with people just snatching your ipod out of your hand or seeing that you have one and holding you up for it, but i'd rather have to buy a new ipod than suffer insomnia forever. you can't buy a good night's rest, after all.


epilation and more

it's been a while since i posted. sorry. not too much has been going on, really.

working from home is like a dream come true. i can wake up at 9 and go to work in my pajamas! it's awesome not to have to fight for a seat on the train or walk 3 miles in high heels or lug around a 200-lb purse and lunchbox full of everything i need for the day! work is really pretty busy recently, too, what with all the 2009 content i have to edit and write marketing text for. but that should ease up once november hits.

corey got this thing called amazon prime, which gives you free 2-day shipping. so i used it (before he cancels it because you have to pay if you have it longer than 30 days) to do a little shopping. we were looking into a self-scooping cat litter box, but the really nice one we like has to be hooked up to a water source, which is likely not advisable under our current living conditions. this one also has washable, reusable cat litter pieces that it washes itself! but we opted for one that just scoops itself when you turn it over (hard to explain - see it here) and somehow deposits the waste in a closed container attached to it, which would cut down on the stench problem. i don't usually change the litter until sunday, so we'll see how it works then.

i also bought an epilator, which is basically a little hair-removing machine that has a million rotating tweezers inside. despite all the horror stories i read while researching it, i love it. LOVE it. sure, it takes more time than shaving, but get this: i never have to buy another razor blade or anything to get rid of my hair again (until this thing breaks, but it has something like a three-year warranty)! plus it's supposed to last as long as waxing since it yanks hair out at the root. everything i read said it hurt sooo bad, but really, i think these people are wimps. this barely hurt at all, more like a tickle. it hurt a bit more on my bikini line, but it was definitely doable. have yet to try the pits since i shaved them only yesterday, but i imagine i'll be able to stand that, too, judging by my experience so far. we'll see how the ingrown hairs do, too.

sorry if that's too much information.

i haven't cooked anything interesting recently, but a vegetable/tofu lo mein is on the menu for tomorrow, and varnishkas after that. corey's been buying so much candy, cookies, etc. that i haven't felt compelled to bake anything, which is kind of unfortunate. i did make a homemade version of larabars. they only have two or at the most five ingredients, so i figured it couldn't be too hard. i used equal parts pitted dates (which, by the way, are freaking DELICIOUS on their own) and nuts (cashews in this case) for this recipe. i also added the juice and zest of half a lemon to try to recreate my favorite larabar flavor, lemon bar. then i spun it around the food processor until it was starting to stick together. pressed it into the bottom of a tupperware, cut into bar shapes, refrigerated, and voila! and i gotta say, it's GOOD.

we went for a hike this weekend that produced no memorable pictures. the panic attacks have cessated, but now getting to sleep has become a problem. my mind is racing... with SONG LYRICS, which is the LEAST important thing in the world i could be thinking of.

the "u" key on my laptop keeps popping off. i can kind of snap it back in, and it stays for a while, but it'll only pop out again. this compounded with other problems starts to make me anxious for the day this whole thing goes kaput and i can buy a new computer.



so i worked from home, and it rocked. i could do anything i wanted and wear anything i wanted! i can't wait till next wednesday when i get to do it again.

work is actually picking up quite a bit. we have to launch the 2009 horoscopes in about a month, so there's plenty to be done about that, thank goodness.

i cannot wait until the season premiere of csi: miami. i looked up some spoilers because i HAD to know what happened to horatio. but it didn't ruin it for me, just made me more excited.

i've been getting migraines once a week like clockwork. sometimes i can avoid a full-blown one if i take like 5 ibuprofens right away. but usually i try not to. i've got this prescription medication now that's supposed to prevent it if taken at the onset, but i wasn't given anything to make it go away if it's already there. there's got to be some habitual thing that causes migraines that i'm doing every week, or some kind of stress that builds up during the week and brings one in the middle of the week. maybe i'm not getting enough sleep. maybe i'm eating too much chocolate (unlikely but terrible if reality). maybe i'm spending too much time in front of a computer.

with that thought, i guess this ends my post for the day! the weekend might be more interesting to read about. but then again, it might not.


blenders b.c.

there's a new blender in town, and it doesn't do a great job crushing ice, but it's still ok. it looks kind of like this, but we don't have the fancy fruit drink in the background. it was on sale at target for a reasonable price, and we finally made corey's favorite smoothie from main squeeze in columbia, "the barney." they apparently no longer make this; luckily, corey has the ingredients memorized.

we saw nine inch nails friday night. i think it was it was truly the coolest show i've ever seen.

we didn't get super-good pictures because it was so dark and we were having such a good time watching the party people onstage, like this hottie:

what is this? a dreadmullethawk? ick. i didn't take this picture, by the way.

yesterday we went to the beach after the blender purchase. and then last night we watched 10,000 b.c., which was ok i guess. i hoped there would be more fighting.

corey's doing a lot of homework all the time. i am not doing much, really. wednesday is my first work-from-home day, and i can't wait.

indian's on the menu tonight, and maybe i'll bake something or make some kind of dessert so corey stops buying oreos.