2 thumbs up, 2 thumbs down

i got la dolce vegan (along with three - yes, count 'em, THREE - other cookbooks) and made a tahini-based sauce outlined in it. i gave it two thumbs up and even smothered some on my faux chik'n patty. corey, on the other hand, gave it two thumbs down. but hey, the guy doesn't like mushrooms, so obviously he has problems. (JOKE) but i didn't take pictures because we were starving and it was hideous to behold anyway.

i was going to make crepes tonight. too bad i didn't realize the batter was supposed to refrigerate overnight. so i couldn't make them, but i think i'll try next week. i just have to remember to make it the night before and then sautee up some veggies the day of. the frustrating thing is i COULD have done it last night - i roasted red peppers to put in them last night. how frustrating. one of those peppers, however, was really good on a sandwich today, and i have faith it will still be good tomorrow.

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