company dinners

tonight was the big msn shindig after work. it was actually a pretty decent time. but the restaurant was so fancy that entrees were about two bites big and came with poached quail eggs on top and the chef provided us with a shotglass each of complimentary cucumber-mint bisque, which, by the way, wasn't even on the menu. i think that if one is going to pay upwards of $20 for one entree, it had better provide at least two meals. not so here. and there was almost nothing i could eat. i had tomato soup and a side of green beans, so when i got home, i ate my weight in carbs. but in all seriousness, the food was good, and we enjoyed ourselves. for dessert, i had the first glass of port i've had in a while, and i've got to say that stuff is incredible. no photos as i consider it rather crass to take pictures in restaurants.

corey also attended a dinner for his company here.

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