culinary slam dunks

last night, i cooked probably one of my best meals ever: chile-cornmeal encrusted tofu with southwestern corn pudding (both from veganomicon) and homemade salsa, plus a side of broccoli! corey loved it and called the tofu "probably the best tofu you've made." for lunch today i added some avocado on top, which was also quite good:

i swear to you, it was way better than it looked.

i also made some chocolate chip cookies from the joy of vegan baking. those have also gone down without a hitch so far.

i got a new cookbook today: la dolce vegan. i didn't get a chance to check it out much today, but i'll probably experiment with it this weekend. i also got corey the stuff white people like book as well as feeling better by david burns. someone recommended that book to me, and i hope it helps. i like it so far.

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