the highest point in the bay area

today we went hiking at mt. tamalpais. it was very hard and time-consuming to get there, but we finally made it, and made it to the top:

if you look really closely, you can see towns and mountains below us:

before all that, i went swimming! i haven't been in, oh, FOREVER. and it made me feel pretty good, even though it was crowded with people who didn't know how to share lanes. but maybe i'm expecting too much.

we went to our favorite thai place and also watched you kill me. both were pretty good. we were famished by the time we got to food, so we pretty much ordered everything we like - soup, rolls, curry, rice, tea, beer - the works. we went to target and couldn't find any spanish courses on cd, so i'll just go with amazon, i suppose. we were exhausted, so we didn't end up doing what i originally wanted to do this weekend, which was explore the nightlife happening right in our backyard.

i sent this blog to people i hoped would read it. are you reading?

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