i could have written this!

this is a piece that sounds like i could have written it. i always had a secret hatred of people in college whose parents paid for everything, especially the coworkers who would take up valuable shifts, leaving none for me, because they needed money to go binge drinking that weekend. yes, that is just as important - if not more so - than someone's need to pay rent or tuition and buy food. will their parents ever allow them to wake up to the real world and cover their own expenses, or do they expect to remain in a mommy-and-daddy-sponsored limbo until mommy and daddy buy the farm? (yes, my dear brother, i'm talking to you.)

on another note, i was browsing facebook today and noticed that most of the people i knew in high school are married now or engaged. i was practically ms. commitment during high school and a lot of college, always wanting to be in exclusive relationships. and everyone else has up and beat me to the altar! not that it matters. it's just kind of weird.

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