no food

my review today really couldn't have gone any better. i am rather pleased with the outcome. but the postponement of my doctor's appointment could not have come at a worse time. i really need to go! maybe i'll just self-refer to a psychologist and let this other guy deal with the physical stuff.

we finished the crepes tonight, rendering the house practically foodless. actually, there's plenty of stuff to eat, but it's mostly frozen and/or processed items. the only veggies we have are carrots, onions, and jalapenos. oh, and some brown lettuce. i'd better throw that away... but i need to go to the grocery. it's one of my favorite things to do anyway. we put peanut butter and banana in the last one, and it was GOOD. next time i make those, i'll reserve them for dessert/breakfasty kinds of crepes. or maybe next time i'll add potato and a "cheez" sauce.

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