having very little to do at work, i came across some research on a raw food diet. well, some call it a "raw and living foods diet," which is odd because nearly all the things we eat seem to me to be cut off from their life support, i.e. dead. but everyone seems to love it for its skin-clearing, disease-curing, all-around-good-guy qualities. it might be a good idea to add more fresh produce and stuff to my diet, but i could never, ever give up cooking and baking. but maybe during the day to eat fruits, veggies, and nuts might do me some good. the way i am thinking of doing it is eating a ton of fruit and almond milk for breakfast, a big old salad for lunch, seeds and veggies for snacks, and then a regular dinner with another salad. we'll see.

there was an exciting deadline-driven crisis at work. i cleared it all up in about an hour and a half, but it was the best hour and a half this month. i'm waiting desperately to get paid so i can finish paying off this credit card bill i racked up a couple months ago. and then buy groceries. it's kind of nice to clean out the fridge and then fill it up with fresh groceries.

in other news, i got some animal collective albums and am enjoying them. the new beck album is ok, but i haven't liked his work all too much after midnite vultures.

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