santa cruz and the rest

so i haven't posted in a while (as though i have dozens of loyal readers), and i apologize for that. friday night and most of saturday, we were in santa cruz. it was pretty nice. we grilled out bison burgers, corn on the cob, and tofu dogs. saturday, we were sitting on the beach drinking some wine, and although the waves were coming up quite close to us, they never made it within five feet. as soon as we flipped over and were no longer facing the waves, one rolled right up and soaked us! we didn't see it coming. the rest of the time we were down there, no other waves came up nearly as high. we got to see some seals and surfers, though. we also saw the dark knight. it was good, but i didn't like it quite as much as batman begins.

when we came back saturday night, an suv was parked in our spot, so we just parked in another spot as there are literally dozens of empty spots in the lot at all times. of course, we chose the one spot in the entire lot that belonged to the biggest retard in the world. never mind the fact that there were at least four empty spots RIGHT NEXT TO his spot. his parking spot was of penultimate importance, so he had us towed! we come out the next morning to no car and the jerk who towed us just being like "well, you parked in my spot." we couldn't help NOT parking in our spot, so we just freaking PICKED ONE! he could have done the same thing! it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. so we had to ride a progressively smellier bus to a most unsavory part of town (click here and type in "4800 east 12th street" to see) to pick up the car from some guy and at least four vicious, mangy dogs. plus we had to pay $315. it was really lame, but at least now we know to call the manager on any car parked in our spot.

then i spent most of the day cooking and doing laundry. i left my favorite coat at mike's place in santa cruz, so now i must spend a few weeks (at least) without it. we wasted so much time today because of that stupid car incident that i didn't get everything done that i wanted to.

but without further ado, the crepes:

this food photo turned out much better than usual. you can't really see what's inside them, though: sauteed garlic, scallions, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, roasted red peppers, and a jalapeno thrown in for good measure. i also added another delicious sauce that i liked and corey did not - it was quite the creamy, tangy, coriander-y affair.

i also made a pound cake, which will have pictures up here when we eat it properly - with strawberries! i'm also looking forward to eating some tortilla chips with faux sour cream i shall make with the silken tofu left over from making the cake.

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