summer camp

while doing nothing today at work, i came across this. i actually don't remember too much about my camp days. i think that i was the type to enjoy camp at first because it was a new environment and i was away from my parents, suddenly allowing me to do and say all the silly things that were forbidden to me in those days (such as paint my toenails and say the word "butt"). as camp wore on, i became disgruntled. i have always had such a hard time making friends, and camp was no exception. i usually emerged with one or two by the end of the week, but i was never in the "in" crowd or whatever (no matter the setting, it doesn't take more than two days for female cliques to emerge). so i never got picked for this team or that, and i often got really mad at counselors for playing favorites (they all do). so although it was nice to get away from home, by the end of the week i wanted to get away from camp. one exception was my weeklong stint at cyo adventure camp, when i still wasn't quite in the "in" crowd but was just in enough to have a killer time.

tonight we had leftover indian food. the broccoli curry was even better this time! but the naan from this book was rather hard and dry. next time i make naan, rather than shape it into eight different pieces as the recipe suggests, i should roll it out directly onto the pizza stone (thanks, mom!) into one large piece as they do in indian restaurants. and because it will be thinner, then i can cook it for a shorter amount of time so it will be softer but still done.

and yes, we always eat candlelight dinners; we don't have a lamp over by the table.

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