a day of doctoring

i got to take a half day at work - whoohoo! but i had to go to three doctors in a row as well as get some blood drawn. luckily all the doctors i go to (plus my dentist) are within 0.1 miles of my apartment. therapy was awesome today; i felt like it was really productive and gave me a new tactic of dealing with things that i never thought of before.

i found a new general practitioner. she is really nice, friendly, and talkative. she said we should test for thyroid conditions, nutrient deficiencies, and allergies. would you believe that, despite almost every page of my old medical records saying "allergies" or even "severe allergies," that no one ever thought to test for WHAT i was allergic to so i could avoid it if possible? no, i guess it was easier and more beneficial for everyone involved to shove nasal sprays up my nose or claritin down my throat for years. i think it would have to be something i am around or consume almost every day as i have dealt with this for as long as i can remember, so i hope it's not something like wheat or sugar (can you even BE allergic to sugar?). i'd love to be able to stop taking my claritin. right now i can go about two days without it.

i used coconut oil on my skin last night for the first time, and WOW! what a difference it made, even just overnight! i put it on all over, even my face, let it sit for a minute, and then got in the shower. today i woke up with surprisingly clear and glowing skin, so we'll see how long this goes on before my face is a huge oil slick. the rest of my body, though, will do just wonderfully, i think.

i'm really tired, and i'm watching dr. phil. i should just go to bed, really.

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