so sorry to have been away all week, faithful reader(s). it's just that nothing exciting or photo-worthy has occurred. i cut my hair (looks the same sans split ends), made homemade tortilla chips from leftover corn tortillas (what else do you do when you can only buy packs of 50?), and realized that maybe the cat had put on weight.

tomorrow is corey's last day of his internship, so i hope they will offer him a job straightaway to put an end to any nervousness that exists.

mike has been here and might be here again this weekend. i left my beautiful white coat at his place last time we were there, so i hope he remembers to bring it.

i'm trying to decide what kitchen appliance i want for christmas. i've considered the magic bullet and a blendtec, but i'm leaning toward a juicer, such as the omega 8005. since i've been trying to get more fresh fruits and veggies in my diet, by the end of the day, i'm kind of sick of chewing. so it'd be nice to drink my evening salad instead. i'm getting, like, double the daily recommended amount of fiber, so i wouldn't worry about that.

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