we've had another boring week but fun weekend. corey started school. i continued with work. sadie started contributing by doing the dishes and taking out the trash.

there she is, hard at work.

last night we went into the city for indian at masala and to watch the mizzou-illinois game at the 112-year-old little shamrock. at first, the bartender wouldn't change the channel to espn, where the game was, but then he did. corey has a lot of comments on the game. he could be a sports commentator. all i know is that mizzou won and there was somebody on the other team named "juice."

no food pictures with which to regale you at this time. some potato-broccoli crepes/blintzes are on the menu for this week. next week i think it might be indian, and then a repeat of that chile-cornmeal encrusted tofu with perhaps some mashed potatoes. we've got a big old bag of potatoes, so that's what we'll be eating for a while, i suppose. i've decided that the fruit at the discount grocery is generally gross. at least, this has been my experience with apples, plums, peaches, pears, and even some blueberries from there. i'm thinking of going to the farmer's market next weekend just to pick up some good fruit without having to patronize the whole foods. veggies from the discount grocery always seem to be fine.

my deposit from the landlords in columbia should be coming back to me soon. that money should be plenty to buy a new blender - i'm afraid our current one is on its last legs, but i've been using it nearly every day for a while.

today we might go see tropic thunder. or we might wait until tomorrow because the theater might have free popcorn; the web site says it does monday through thursday, but i don't know if labor day will be different. maybe we'll go play frisbee by the lake or something. corey has a lot of reading to do, so who knows?

the doctor thinks i should enroll in martial arts classes. after doing some research, i've settled on aikido. some beginner's special starts next monday at a place near the apartment, so i think i'm going to try to do that. then if i like it, i can get a serious discount on regular sessions.

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