the n train

i haven't updated in a while, mostly because this week was so uneventful. corey had neither school nor work this week, so he did a lot of housework, which was very nice. this weekend, though, was a bit more exciting. we went to outside lands, and it was good. the first night (friday) was somewhat not fun, but saturday was super-cool. we opted out of going sunday.
the first band we saw friday was beck, and we had to leave early. not because we really had to be somewhere but because it sucked. hard.

beck was my first celebrity crush and the musician i credit with turning me on to the alternative music scene (otherwise i might still be listening to the drivel played on the r&b radio station), but post-midnite vultures, i haven't liked much of his music. which, naturally, was all he played. and the songs he chose from the good albums weren't even the good ones ("devil's haircut"? that's the best you could do from odelay? REALLY?!). maybe he played better songs after we left, but i didn't want to stick around long enough to hear them. he also needs a haircut.

then we saw radiohead, and i am now questioning even more how they've managed to get so popular.

listening to them for a short period of time is fine. the music is complex, layered, and challenging. however, it is repetitive beyond belief, and it all melts together so that nothing - melodies, harmonies, vocal line, percussion, etc. - is distinct. i also tire of the "aaaahhhhhhhs" that seem to comprise most of the lyrics. it's like swimming through a 12-foot-deep pool of aural-assault jello.

saturday was much better, including an awesome set by m. ward.

there was also an awesome set by regina spektor and cake. these are not pictured because corey was holding my camera and i forgot to get it from him before he went off to see steve winwood (of "baaack in the hiiiiirgh liiiiirfe agairrrrn" fame, although to his credit he didn't play it that day).

then we saw TOM PETTY! which was a total trip. but none of those pictures turned out. the guy was strung-out like many of the attendees and also way old, but he looked pretty good (i think it's the beard) and played a flawless set.

both nights involved a hellacious commute on the n train. needless to say, all 60,000 concert-goers needed to take the same train at the same time. trains would pass stops without stopping because they were completely full. if anyone tried to get anywhere besides the concert the past two days and probably today, they had a rather rough time. it drove one crotchety old woman to start screaming nonstop and cursing at all of us "teenagers" in a train i was riding on.

so now we are tired, sore, and resting. well, actually, i'm cooking for the week, so i'm not resting that much. still on today's agenda: kasha burgers, fries, and i also need to cut up a pineapple.

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