oh snap, it's low-fat!

i, like many, had a childhood fear of cole slaw. i mean, what WAS it? it looked like something an alien might puke up after eating a jar of miracle whip, a white, goopy mess. my father often wanted it from kfc, and i think he got that from his mother. but kfc has more problems than just the foul taste and appearance of its cole slaw.

anyway, i made my own slaw today. i was very cautious with it at first - i wondered, would it taste anything like my old nemesis? the answer is no. it's tangy and flavorful and mayo-free. all you have to do is smother your shredded cabbage and carrots in apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper, and you can even throw a jalapeno or a red pepper in there, too. and if you put it on a beer-and-chile-marinated tempeh taco with some lime cream (no cream was harmed in the making of this condiment) and a bit of homemade salsa, it is incredible. i was bored with my standard corn-bean-onion combo on tacos, so i went a bit crazy with a recipe from veganomicon.

in the background is refried beans, but i neither fried them nor fried them again. just mashed up. pretty ugly, but they were good as well and will make a nice taco filling once the tempeh is gone.

as you can see, my toughest critic gave tonight's dinner the thumbs-up next to the taco assembly line:

today has been brought to you by my food processor. i used it to shred and chop cabbage, mix up my salsa, mash up my guacamole, and blend my lime crema. i also got the bright idea to strain the salsa to get rid of all the tomato water that usually annoys us after i make it. i'm surprised it took me this long, but better late than never.

but there's
a twist: i made the guacamole - gasp - low-fat! and it is SO GOOD. all you do is mash up as much avocado as you want, then mash the same amount of peas into it. but then you still have to add a little something creamy - i used soft silken tofu, but a lot of recipes call for yogurt or cottage cheese or something like that. a food processor makes this infinitely easier.

this weekend was fun. last night we first went to z cafe, the bar right next door to our apartment, for some beer and garlic fries. then we went out to rockridge, a nice area of town with lots of bars and restaurants around, looking for a sushi restaurant called isobune. we didn't find it, but we did find a sushi restaurant called mitama, which we really liked, as well as a tea/coffee shop caled a'cuppa tea. it was a lovely evening all around.

there's work tomorrow and a long week ahead. dad's coming at the end of september, and i'm pretty excited. i wonder what he wants to do. i guess i need to ask and then start mapping out an itinerary.

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