oh. my. god. there is a safeway close to our apartment, and i never even knew until today. no more paying ridiculous prices (as long as you have a safeway club card) at whole foods! no more combing through aisles of organic, free-range, grass-fed young coconuts! here is a store that's like a NORMAL GROCERY STORE, one where i know where to look for things, where i can find what i need when i need it, where i don't have to pay extra for an extra something i didn't need in the first place!

to be sure, if you don't have a safeway card, you could get stuck paying $15 for a bag of cherries (and i am not making that price up). and we'll still likely use the discount grocery as our first stop. but we were able to get decent fruit (not discount-grocery-style fruit), some other veggies, and our dinners tonight for less than $30! whoohoo!!!

it's the little things in life, really.

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