if you are part of my mother's side of the family, you might understand the titular reference. my great-grandma, affectionately nicknamed "nanny," used to talk about how things were spicy or, as she said it, "shpishey." she also used to get in the sharr fer an arr and warsh her harr.

anyway, hot and shpishey describes the day. i got a ridiculous-looking sunburn yesterday - i was wearing knee-length cutoffs and sitting on the ground for several hours, and my legs never tan anyway, so i thought i was fine. turns out i ended up looking like this:

it may be hard to see here, but there are definite, clear lines where the white stops and the red begins.

then i made a hot meal for dinner: jerk tofu topped with sauteed onions and green peppers, dirty rice, and steamed veggies. that was shpishey if i ever tasted it, but it was SO GOOD. corey liked it, too.

last night the apartment was stinky! something smelled bad outside, i think. it was awful, and it came in waves. it smelled like rotten eggs. i also figured out how to make single cupcakes in the microwave! if you've got a little batter left over from a cupcake or muffin endeavor but don't want to break out the muffin tins and turn on the oven for a measly few cupcakes, this is for you. you find a small container that will help your cupcake keep its shape - i used a small circular tupperware. then you place the cupcake liner inside and pour the batter into it as usual. microwave on high for one minute, and voila! a special muffin or cupcake just for you. you could probably even make yourself a small cake using just a container and not bothering with the liner.

nothing exciting happened today. there was laundry and gym-going and errands. there was also much cleaning and cooking.

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  1. my, that was too sp-eye-shee! (phonetic spelling for those who don't get it)


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