sick day!

today i stayed home from work because for some reason i was up nearly all night. my mind just would not stop! songs kept running through my head, or i was thinking about what i was going to eat tomorrow, or i was just thinking about other stupid stuff - not worrying, just thinking. so i finally fell asleep between 4:30 and 5 a.m., which means i got between 2 and 3 hours of sleep. i wouldn't have been able to function at work, so i called in and slept for about four more hours. when i woke up, i actually DID feel like i was coming down with something, which is probably just part of my detox.

i'm detoxing because this week i've been eating raw fruits and vegetables all day until dinner, when i finally cook something. i really like it so far - my cravings occur much less often and with less intensity, and i can eat whatever i want for minimal calories. i've basically been eating a banana, an apple, a mango, and a cup of strawberries (in stages, of course) for breakfast, a fancy-schmancy salad for lunch (this particular one i've been eating this week has watercress and jicama in it), and random other veggies other times.

anyway, so i'm detoxing, which is causing slight headaches, sinus symptoms, extreme energy highs and lows, and a few rashes/breakouts. but i can feel it getting better! once my body gets used to it i'm sure i'll be back to normal.

but tonight for the cooked dinner i made seitan piccatta. instead of using my usual seitan recipe from veganomicon, which calls for a myriad ingredients, i used the faux chicken recipe from la dolce vegan, which is much, much simpler and nearly as good (although not quite). piccatta is basically a white wine-lemon-caper sauce. i poured it over breaded seitan and tofu shirataki noodles, which i have decided are not all that good anymore:

yum! doesn't that look good? corey had his over regular pasta, which i'm sure was even better. he liked it, anyway.

corey has his first grant thornton softball game tomorrow night in the presidio, so i'll be on my own tomorrow night. laundry and cleaning, here i come!

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  1. sarah, i can totally relate to lying in bed for hours with my brain on overdrive! i think about ridiculous stuff, and the stuff i worry about seems so inconsequential in the morning. i hope this stage doesn't last long for you. it is exasperating, isn't it?


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