blenders b.c.

there's a new blender in town, and it doesn't do a great job crushing ice, but it's still ok. it looks kind of like this, but we don't have the fancy fruit drink in the background. it was on sale at target for a reasonable price, and we finally made corey's favorite smoothie from main squeeze in columbia, "the barney." they apparently no longer make this; luckily, corey has the ingredients memorized.

we saw nine inch nails friday night. i think it was it was truly the coolest show i've ever seen.

we didn't get super-good pictures because it was so dark and we were having such a good time watching the party people onstage, like this hottie:

what is this? a dreadmullethawk? ick. i didn't take this picture, by the way.

yesterday we went to the beach after the blender purchase. and then last night we watched 10,000 b.c., which was ok i guess. i hoped there would be more fighting.

corey's doing a lot of homework all the time. i am not doing much, really. wednesday is my first work-from-home day, and i can't wait.

indian's on the menu tonight, and maybe i'll bake something or make some kind of dessert so corey stops buying oreos.

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  1. i'mdying to know what's in "the barney"...


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