epilation and more

it's been a while since i posted. sorry. not too much has been going on, really.

working from home is like a dream come true. i can wake up at 9 and go to work in my pajamas! it's awesome not to have to fight for a seat on the train or walk 3 miles in high heels or lug around a 200-lb purse and lunchbox full of everything i need for the day! work is really pretty busy recently, too, what with all the 2009 content i have to edit and write marketing text for. but that should ease up once november hits.

corey got this thing called amazon prime, which gives you free 2-day shipping. so i used it (before he cancels it because you have to pay if you have it longer than 30 days) to do a little shopping. we were looking into a self-scooping cat litter box, but the really nice one we like has to be hooked up to a water source, which is likely not advisable under our current living conditions. this one also has washable, reusable cat litter pieces that it washes itself! but we opted for one that just scoops itself when you turn it over (hard to explain - see it here) and somehow deposits the waste in a closed container attached to it, which would cut down on the stench problem. i don't usually change the litter until sunday, so we'll see how it works then.

i also bought an epilator, which is basically a little hair-removing machine that has a million rotating tweezers inside. despite all the horror stories i read while researching it, i love it. LOVE it. sure, it takes more time than shaving, but get this: i never have to buy another razor blade or anything to get rid of my hair again (until this thing breaks, but it has something like a three-year warranty)! plus it's supposed to last as long as waxing since it yanks hair out at the root. everything i read said it hurt sooo bad, but really, i think these people are wimps. this barely hurt at all, more like a tickle. it hurt a bit more on my bikini line, but it was definitely doable. have yet to try the pits since i shaved them only yesterday, but i imagine i'll be able to stand that, too, judging by my experience so far. we'll see how the ingrown hairs do, too.

sorry if that's too much information.

i haven't cooked anything interesting recently, but a vegetable/tofu lo mein is on the menu for tomorrow, and varnishkas after that. corey's been buying so much candy, cookies, etc. that i haven't felt compelled to bake anything, which is kind of unfortunate. i did make a homemade version of larabars. they only have two or at the most five ingredients, so i figured it couldn't be too hard. i used equal parts pitted dates (which, by the way, are freaking DELICIOUS on their own) and nuts (cashews in this case) for this recipe. i also added the juice and zest of half a lemon to try to recreate my favorite larabar flavor, lemon bar. then i spun it around the food processor until it was starting to stick together. pressed it into the bottom of a tupperware, cut into bar shapes, refrigerated, and voila! and i gotta say, it's GOOD.

we went for a hike this weekend that produced no memorable pictures. the panic attacks have cessated, but now getting to sleep has become a problem. my mind is racing... with SONG LYRICS, which is the LEAST important thing in the world i could be thinking of.

the "u" key on my laptop keeps popping off. i can kind of snap it back in, and it stays for a while, but it'll only pop out again. this compounded with other problems starts to make me anxious for the day this whole thing goes kaput and i can buy a new computer.


  1. Maybe your computer is trying to tell U something! (i don't know what though)

  2. oh--and i think you must be one of the lucky ones with very few nerve endings in your legs, because i have tried an epilator and it hurt terribly, i couldn't even finish!


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