homemade bagels?

you'd better believe it.

i was CRAVING bagels for several days. it was really rough. rather than go to the store for the eightieth time this week and buy some, i thought i'd see if i had ingredients to make them. and i did!

and they are GOOD. you have to boil them and then bake them for the ideal texture. i made a huge mess, but it was totally worth it. i made plain and poppyseed. and the best part? they're whole-wheat!!! now you can feel good about eating them...

i'm making a cashew-based "cream cheese" tonight, so hopefully that will be tasty as well.

i also made some delicious crepes (yes, again), but this time they were even better. i stuffed them with a broccoli-potato-onion mix and doused them in a faux cheese sauce. SO GOOD.

this picture isn't too good. corey showed me how to do a close-up setting, so from now on, all my pictures will be as clear as the bagel picture.

yesterday was my last wednesday in the office. now i'm working from home on wednesday, baby!

my bullet blender finally busted last night. what am i going to do without my smoothies? noooo!!! i'm torn between splurging on a really nice blender and buying a cheaper one to last until i feel like my blender use justifies a $400 purchase. i use the blender at least once a day. what do you think?


  1. i vote for the one to tide you over, since you asked!

  2. and the bagels look professionally made! well done!


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