so i worked from home, and it rocked. i could do anything i wanted and wear anything i wanted! i can't wait till next wednesday when i get to do it again.

work is actually picking up quite a bit. we have to launch the 2009 horoscopes in about a month, so there's plenty to be done about that, thank goodness.

i cannot wait until the season premiere of csi: miami. i looked up some spoilers because i HAD to know what happened to horatio. but it didn't ruin it for me, just made me more excited.

i've been getting migraines once a week like clockwork. sometimes i can avoid a full-blown one if i take like 5 ibuprofens right away. but usually i try not to. i've got this prescription medication now that's supposed to prevent it if taken at the onset, but i wasn't given anything to make it go away if it's already there. there's got to be some habitual thing that causes migraines that i'm doing every week, or some kind of stress that builds up during the week and brings one in the middle of the week. maybe i'm not getting enough sleep. maybe i'm eating too much chocolate (unlikely but terrible if reality). maybe i'm spending too much time in front of a computer.

with that thought, i guess this ends my post for the day! the weekend might be more interesting to read about. but then again, it might not.

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