must... sleep...

i went to corey's final softball game on thursday night in the presidio.

they won, but it was cold, and they were short a player or two. corey plays first base, and he is good.

yesterday we went to jack london square to go to the barnes & noble.

then we went over to heinold's first and last chance saloon, a 150-year-old bar that is very historic because jack london was there a lot, i guess.

somebody transported a cabin that he used to live in overseas so it could stand next to the saloon.

it smells like fish down there, perhaps because there are tons of seafood restaurants. there's a lot going on in that area of town. there was also this conveniently sized wolf statue.

then we went to the most fabulous sushi restaurant i've ever been to. i have no need to eat at another sushi restaurant ever again. the food was creative (i ordered a vegetarian bento box with avocado sashimi), the service was good, and the sake was unlimited. i thought i had died and gone to heaven. it's near the lake, so we were even able to walk there.

we watched speed racer (auhhhh!) last night. it was a real trip.

i didn't sleep much last night, per usual. i decided to get up at about 5 and go for a walk. i started going to the lake but then realized that could be a bit dangerous, so i changed direction toward the walgreen's, where i assumed i could get clumping cat litter and some flashlights. no luck! apparently this one is not open 24 hours a day. so then i went to samuel merritt college's library, outside of which they have a green space with picnic tables and the like. i sat there for a while and came back a little after 6. i don't think i'll do that again, though. i guess it's time to start taking ambien.

on a brighter note, do you ever want to bake brownies but don't have the time to sit around and let them bake and then cool? then have i got a deal for you! take 1.5 cups of walnuts (or almonds or hazelnuts or some other non-creamy nut), 10 dates, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, and 0.5 tsp vanilla. run the nuts through until they are powdery. add everything else, and process until it's all mixed up and sticking together. press into some kind of dish, slice, and eat! SO GOOD. you could probably warm this a little in the microwave or something.

here i've put some honey on it. yum.

also featured today was a nice veggie lo mein.

it was pretty good but wasted a lot of cabbage and made my biggest mess yet.

my new attempting-to-sleep-better plan is as follows:
- work out every single day, no exceptions, with either gym in the morning or pilates class in the afternoon - no evening workouts except aikido
- eat no snacks after dinner
- go to bed before 10 every night this week to reset my clock or whatever
- stop drinking alcohol (which can make you sleepy but disrupt it throughout the night) for a while
here's hoping it works! i'm exhausted. i went to the gym and failed miserably because i was too tired to do anything. i could barely do 75% of the weight i usually lift, and i did five minutes on the bicycle and was soaked in sweat! when songs are running through my head, i wonder if i'm depriving myself of music during the day and that's why my head likes to play it at night. i stopped listening to my ipod after a rash of robberies broke out with people just snatching your ipod out of your hand or seeing that you have one and holding you up for it, but i'd rather have to buy a new ipod than suffer insomnia forever. you can't buy a good night's rest, after all.

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