two whole years?!

yes, really. this is what he got me:

so sweet. look how cute that pumpkin is!
i got him a box of specialty's cookies. they are mostly gone.
we sat down, did the math, and decided that today, 10/22, was the real day. we decided to go out to lunch. i picked an indian buffet. i was so, so wrong. i miss the indian buffets on broadway in columbia and in broad ripple in indianapolis. those were so good. this one had little variety, no napkins, bland food, but decent naan. they did not have the gulab jamun, which is my favorite indian dessert (but only if they're hot - don't even touch them if they try to serve them cold). but now we know, at least.

warm weather is back. if you stayed inside the apartment all day, you might think HOT weather was back, but you'd be mistaken. i'm noticing that i really don't feel any different off the claritin than on it. i still have to stay off it until i'm tested next monday, so there's still time for things to act up, but maybe it's not an allergy at all and instead some kind of internal sinus defect. i guess we have to wait and see.

i attempted making something with a pumpkin. i thought i had bought the right kind, but it turns out the flesh was tough, fibrous, and near impossible to cut, so it looks like i didn't really get a sugar pumpkin after all. i might try again and ask this time. i hate it when food goes to waste, but i had to throw the whole thing out.

i made tortilla soup but forgot to take pictures. maybe tomorrow. it's really quite spicy. next time i might leave out the jalapenos.

hmm, what else... i had a dentist appointment. the 2009 horoscopes are delayed yet again, no thanks to the writer. i made reservations at the hyatt in indianapolis july 3-4 for sarah's wedding. i realized i could have stayed with my family, but i wanted to be available for full wedding support, and this way, i can be up close where all the action is and take notes!



so i hadn't been sleeping too much, and it's been screwing with my schedule. but the past few days, i have slept really well. wednesday night was so bad that i didn't go into work thursday. but i have since then been sleeping like a log but still being tired during the day. maybe this good sleep will continue, and that would help a lot!

my allergist is going to test me for mold, specifically candida (which google says is a fungus). but i have to be off claritin for a week, starting tomorrow. this will really not be fun, but it must be done.

i'm getting a lot better at aikido. i can roll now, at least. i'm also exercising in general a lot more in an attempt to sleep better as well as not eating later at night (for the most part).

i have a bike!

ain't she a beaut? now i can go places without making corey drive me!

i went to a couple different meetups this weekend, all food-related. but i met a few nice people and enjoyed myself, especially at cafe gratitude. this is now among my favorite restaurants. i want their cookbook. corey went to friday's dinner with me at a south indian place in berkeley. i had never had that kind of food before, and it was really pretty good. i think i still prefer north indian food, though.

then saturday afternoon, corey and i went to the red bull soapbox derby. the gene simmons tongue/kiss car:

the pig car didn't make it too far.

we have a death star car, a home-run/barry bonds/baseball car (which came down kind of on fire or something), a hamster wheel, a transamerica building car, and more.

it was cool! we stood right by a ramp jump for the cars.

each run was preceded by a song and dance by the team members, who were in costume.

i made an ancho-chile/lentil soup with grilled (broiled in my case) pineapple.

corey and i have our two-year anniversary tomorrow. i guess that's about it!


computer = fixed!

sadie says hello.

so my computer is fixed, and now i can catch my avid readers up on what i've been doing the past few weeks.

dad came to visit. we saw muir woods,

the golden gate,

sausalito (not pictured and with good reason),

my work,


cable cars,

coit tower,

and more.

yes, mom, more pictures are coming by e-mail soon!
corey drove us around everywhere. i also hailed my first taxi and ate like crap this weekend because we were eating out all the time. seafood and eggs benedict restaurants are not the norm for me. it wreaked havoc on my digestion.
which is also what happened this weekend. corey and i went to missouri, and i ate and drank so much CRAP that i don't think i would have survived another day there. don't even OFFER me anything like cookies, chips and salsa, or dots - i will make a fool of myself and regret it later!
i also didn't work out while away, opening a loophole for the insomnia to come back in full force last night.
i ate at two restaurants i used to love, but they both disappointed me. formosa has turned into some kind of "cajun/chinese" place, and their hot and sour soup did not do me any favors. nor did main squeeze, which used to have a gigantic menu with tons of breakfast items and such. their menu has shrunk considerably, so i couldn't get the scrambled tofu/soysage plate i used to get sometimes. next time i hope we can go to the indian buffet!

BUT we got to do some cool stuff. i got to see my friends.

we got to see the infamous roy c.

we got up-close and personal with buddy guy.

we got to see corey's family.

it was fun, but i am drained. so this week i just need to get back in my groove. on the menu this week are veggie sushi and miso soup along with the famous broccoli/white bean/cheezy soup. it's very easy. i make it a little different each time, but the basic recipe is at the end of this post.

this week, i am just trying to rest and recover. I NEED A BIKE. i hope we can go to target on wednesday so that i can get one. i thought about ordering one, but you have to assemble it, and i don't trust us with that really. plus shipping is through the roof.


faux-cream of broccoli soup:

1 lb white beans (navy, great northern, whatever)
4 crowns broccoli, chopped into tiny pieces (i don't usually use much of the stems, just the florets)
2 quarts vegetable broth
0.5 onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon olive oil
marjoram, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper to taste (i just keep shaking them all in there until i like how it tastes)
0.25 cup nutritional yeast (or shredded cheese if you're not like me)

soak and cook beans. this takes about a day. set aside.
in large soup pot, heat oil on about medium (try not to let it burn). add onions, and sweat for about five minutes. then add garlic, and stir for a minute or so. add broccoli and spices, and stir for a couple minutes. add broth, stir, cover, and bring to a boil. once it is boiling, turn heat to low, and simmer until broccoli is very, very soft. stir in cooked beans and yeast/cheese. voila!
but then you need to puree it somehow. a hand blender is great if you have one because then you can just puree it right in the pot and eat it right away. otherwise, you have to let it cool and then put it in a blender or food processor or whatever. you don't want to puree all of it because the chunky bits are nice. just some.
before i've added diced carrots and celery, soy milk for extra creaminess, potato, and probably other things i can't remember. it's a great basic. corey loves it, and you will, too.