so i hadn't been sleeping too much, and it's been screwing with my schedule. but the past few days, i have slept really well. wednesday night was so bad that i didn't go into work thursday. but i have since then been sleeping like a log but still being tired during the day. maybe this good sleep will continue, and that would help a lot!

my allergist is going to test me for mold, specifically candida (which google says is a fungus). but i have to be off claritin for a week, starting tomorrow. this will really not be fun, but it must be done.

i'm getting a lot better at aikido. i can roll now, at least. i'm also exercising in general a lot more in an attempt to sleep better as well as not eating later at night (for the most part).

i have a bike!

ain't she a beaut? now i can go places without making corey drive me!

i went to a couple different meetups this weekend, all food-related. but i met a few nice people and enjoyed myself, especially at cafe gratitude. this is now among my favorite restaurants. i want their cookbook. corey went to friday's dinner with me at a south indian place in berkeley. i had never had that kind of food before, and it was really pretty good. i think i still prefer north indian food, though.

then saturday afternoon, corey and i went to the red bull soapbox derby. the gene simmons tongue/kiss car:

the pig car didn't make it too far.

we have a death star car, a home-run/barry bonds/baseball car (which came down kind of on fire or something), a hamster wheel, a transamerica building car, and more.

it was cool! we stood right by a ramp jump for the cars.

each run was preceded by a song and dance by the team members, who were in costume.

i made an ancho-chile/lentil soup with grilled (broiled in my case) pineapple.

corey and i have our two-year anniversary tomorrow. i guess that's about it!

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