thanksgiving and more

i started sleeping again recently. i think it's partially because i've been taking melatonin every night, which is supposed to start making you tired at a usual time.
we went to santa cruz for thanksgiving. it was really nice. we went on a great hike:

we watched the happening. this movie has a great concept but terrible writing and possibly acting. when i heard/repeated that mark wahlberg never made a bad movie, i was wrong.

i made pumpkin pancakes, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, a seitan roast, and a pecan-pumpkin pie, which is supposed to look like this:

it ended up looking like this:

but it was basically the most delicious thing ever regardless.

after buying a folding bike and waiting for a week for it to come in the mail, i have come to the conclusion that i must send it back, especially since they changed the rules at the dojo so that now we can keep bikes inside in the back, which cuts out my main risk factor. so today we went to the oakland flea market. my stolen bike wasn't there (i imagine it got snatched up the weekend right after it was stolen), but i learned i am not very good at haggling after trying to talk a $75 pink bike down to $40 and a $60 bike down to $50. i ended up with the $60 bike:

it's a boy's bike, i think, and we learned the seat post doesn't go up high enough, so i have to get a new one of those. but otherwise, it's a pretty solid bike. sadie approves:

my friend let me borrow her dehydrator to try it out. it's pretty cool. we made some tasty dried apples and bananas, but the cranberries didn't do so hot. i dehydrated them for probably 18 hours, and they showed no progress.

i made a faux rice (thanks to ani phyo's raw food cookbook) by processing butternut squash and adding cranberries and cilantro and other stuff:

i took this image from the internet because i didn't feel like taking my own.

nothing else is going on, really! does anyone read this anymore?



it's been a long time! sorry to anyone who reads this.

umm, let's see...

sandi (corey's mom) came to visit. it was very nice. she did our dishes. but we totally neglected to take any pictures while she was here.

i am playing around with this stupid diet. i'm replacing the sugary stuff and the tofu and all with foods such as nuts, which means a GIGANTIC portion of my diet right now is made up of fat (think 60+ percent). i can't tell how well it works yet - last night, i was not in a very good place and decided to drown my feelings with cereal. i also woke up at 4 a.m. for two hours, a routine with which i am quite familiar but that i haven't dealt with since starting the original diet. there's got to be a middle ground! i think i can make some seitan and have it as a low-fat source of protein; i just didn't feel like making it before and wanted to cover all my bases. but this is ridiculous.

i am a little ill at the moment with head cold-ish symptoms.

monday and wednesday are kyu tests at aikido. i am not up for promotion, so i just get to watch. but monday's were interesting and exciting. i like the people there; i hope they like me! this friday is a movie night at the dojo, so maybe i'll get a little more feedback then.

saturday is a veggie potluck. i'm bringing a yam pecan bake (exciting name, i know). corey hasn't decided yet if he is coming. after that, my friend wants to go dancing at '80s night at the cat club (did i post about this? it was awesome last time), so that might be in the works, too. a busy weekend is ahead.

thanksgiving plans are still not solidified. if we go nowhere, a friend of mine has offered to have us (along with others) over for dinner, and to that i would probably bring a pie and a side dish of some sort. if we decide to go somewhere like santa cruz or even just stay home together all day, i'll probably still make a pie along with several other dishes (no tofurky allowed), maybe mashed potatoes and gravy, a celebration roast (i saw this at the whole foods; maybe it will be good), green beans, whatever.

this week, i made some really good oatmeal blueberry cookies and a cabbage-kale salad (no pictures, sorry). i also made some faux-cos (or perhaps ta-fauxs), which are pretend tacos made of ground-up nuts with olive oil and mexican spices (meat), shredded carrots (cheese), a red cabbage leaf (shell), and a few cherry tomatoes (salsa), since i either am not supposed to have or do not want the real versions of these things. i swear they are pretty good.

my new bike is due to come friday via fedex:

i wish the wheels were bigger, but i guess i will just have to trade looking cool for extra exercise and bike security. at least this one is also pink. i also made a bunch of other impulse purchases right after my bike was stolen as a sort of retail therapy. when they come, i will likely return many of them. i miss my bike. someday, i'll buy another "real" bike just to take out on rides and trails where i won't have to lock it up somewhere that's not in our garage.



we found maggots growing on and around sadie's food dish. they look like little rice grains. she makes a big mushy mess out of her food, but we haven't cleaned it in a long time. i know i put it off because it just looked so icky. but now we've cleaned and disinfected everything. i wish we had done this sooner; we would have known where all the flies were coming from.

i started keeping a list of stuff i crave that i'm not allowed to have throughout the week so that i can cheat one day a week. i accidentally spread out those things friday AND saturday, and i enjoyed a waffle with strawberries and a nice cinnamon roll. it wasn't a belgian waffle like i wanted, but hey, i take what i can get.

my symptoms aren't going away yet really, but at least i think my food addiction is dissipating. i can't eat much that i like, so i rarely want to eat at all!

corey made a nice shrimp scampi the other night.

i went dancing for the first time since i left college last night. a friend and i went to '80s night at the cat club. it was pretty fun.

i bought a sugar pie pumpkin to attempt cutting, baking, and eating it with some cinnamon and allspice and other spices to cure my pumpkin pie craving. i will tell you now: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. biggest waste of time and pumpkin in my entire life. i spent at least an hour cutting, and seeding the thing. then it had to bake for an hour. then cool. then i had to peel it, which took at least 30 minutes. when it was finally done, i was so excited to spice it up and pop it in my mouth, and i did. and it was disgusting. never again. don't bother. buy a can of pureed pumpkin instead.

not much else to report, i guess. i am sleeping pretty well lately, probably due to the low-sugar, extremely high-fat diet i'm eating. it just puts me to sleep!


cupcakes, please

all i can think about is food, mostly sweets. i started keeping a list of cravings that i'm not allowed to fulfill but that i have throughout the week with the promise that i can eat a "healthy" version of one of these items at week's end (if a healthy version is available). right now on my list: hot apple cider, some baked good with pumpkin flavor, belgian waffle with whipped cream and strawberries, and cinnamon rolls. i am leaning toward the cinnamon rolls since i found a decent recipe made of nuts (rather than flour, which i can't really have).

i shall never take sweets and carbs for granted again. i hope to keep up this list thing and stay away from most refined sweets during the week.
HOWEVER, check out these awesome cookies. they're called "no" cookies, which means they have no amounts of typical good ingredients (gluten, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, etc.). but they are still ok and help me get through the day.
i am sleeping better. i at least feel like this is starting to work. but otherwise i feel not too good. when am i supposed to start having energy?

we had a nice halloween. i was a pumpkin.

corey was not dressed up. we went into the city and spent time with some friends. we got no candy.

i had my first manicure/pedicure today. i just wanted to do something to make myself feel better. i just got a buff, but my nails are SO shiny. next time, though, i think i'll pay the extra $10 for "callus care."