cupcakes, please

all i can think about is food, mostly sweets. i started keeping a list of cravings that i'm not allowed to fulfill but that i have throughout the week with the promise that i can eat a "healthy" version of one of these items at week's end (if a healthy version is available). right now on my list: hot apple cider, some baked good with pumpkin flavor, belgian waffle with whipped cream and strawberries, and cinnamon rolls. i am leaning toward the cinnamon rolls since i found a decent recipe made of nuts (rather than flour, which i can't really have).

i shall never take sweets and carbs for granted again. i hope to keep up this list thing and stay away from most refined sweets during the week.
HOWEVER, check out these awesome cookies. they're called "no" cookies, which means they have no amounts of typical good ingredients (gluten, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, etc.). but they are still ok and help me get through the day.
i am sleeping better. i at least feel like this is starting to work. but otherwise i feel not too good. when am i supposed to start having energy?

we had a nice halloween. i was a pumpkin.

corey was not dressed up. we went into the city and spent time with some friends. we got no candy.

i had my first manicure/pedicure today. i just wanted to do something to make myself feel better. i just got a buff, but my nails are SO shiny. next time, though, i think i'll pay the extra $10 for "callus care."

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