we found maggots growing on and around sadie's food dish. they look like little rice grains. she makes a big mushy mess out of her food, but we haven't cleaned it in a long time. i know i put it off because it just looked so icky. but now we've cleaned and disinfected everything. i wish we had done this sooner; we would have known where all the flies were coming from.

i started keeping a list of stuff i crave that i'm not allowed to have throughout the week so that i can cheat one day a week. i accidentally spread out those things friday AND saturday, and i enjoyed a waffle with strawberries and a nice cinnamon roll. it wasn't a belgian waffle like i wanted, but hey, i take what i can get.

my symptoms aren't going away yet really, but at least i think my food addiction is dissipating. i can't eat much that i like, so i rarely want to eat at all!

corey made a nice shrimp scampi the other night.

i went dancing for the first time since i left college last night. a friend and i went to '80s night at the cat club. it was pretty fun.

i bought a sugar pie pumpkin to attempt cutting, baking, and eating it with some cinnamon and allspice and other spices to cure my pumpkin pie craving. i will tell you now: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. biggest waste of time and pumpkin in my entire life. i spent at least an hour cutting, and seeding the thing. then it had to bake for an hour. then cool. then i had to peel it, which took at least 30 minutes. when it was finally done, i was so excited to spice it up and pop it in my mouth, and i did. and it was disgusting. never again. don't bother. buy a can of pureed pumpkin instead.

not much else to report, i guess. i am sleeping pretty well lately, probably due to the low-sugar, extremely high-fat diet i'm eating. it just puts me to sleep!

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