thanksgiving and more

i started sleeping again recently. i think it's partially because i've been taking melatonin every night, which is supposed to start making you tired at a usual time.
we went to santa cruz for thanksgiving. it was really nice. we went on a great hike:

we watched the happening. this movie has a great concept but terrible writing and possibly acting. when i heard/repeated that mark wahlberg never made a bad movie, i was wrong.

i made pumpkin pancakes, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, a seitan roast, and a pecan-pumpkin pie, which is supposed to look like this:

it ended up looking like this:

but it was basically the most delicious thing ever regardless.

after buying a folding bike and waiting for a week for it to come in the mail, i have come to the conclusion that i must send it back, especially since they changed the rules at the dojo so that now we can keep bikes inside in the back, which cuts out my main risk factor. so today we went to the oakland flea market. my stolen bike wasn't there (i imagine it got snatched up the weekend right after it was stolen), but i learned i am not very good at haggling after trying to talk a $75 pink bike down to $40 and a $60 bike down to $50. i ended up with the $60 bike:

it's a boy's bike, i think, and we learned the seat post doesn't go up high enough, so i have to get a new one of those. but otherwise, it's a pretty solid bike. sadie approves:

my friend let me borrow her dehydrator to try it out. it's pretty cool. we made some tasty dried apples and bananas, but the cranberries didn't do so hot. i dehydrated them for probably 18 hours, and they showed no progress.

i made a faux rice (thanks to ani phyo's raw food cookbook) by processing butternut squash and adding cranberries and cilantro and other stuff:

i took this image from the internet because i didn't feel like taking my own.

nothing else is going on, really! does anyone read this anymore?

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  1. I do!!! Thanks for keeping me up to date.

    Love you,


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