just a short update

i made this coconut chocolate kream pie:

i cannot figure out for the life of me why this picture is turned this way, but it was really delicious. it had a chocolate layer underneath the coconut layer. i hacked open three coconuts myself to make this pie. here's the only method that works for me: i hammer a screwdriver into several places on the top of the baby coconut, and then i drain away the water (which is a really yummy and refreshing drink on its own). then i set it on the counter, take a cleaver, and hack away at it (aiming for the same spot) over and over until it's cracked enough that i can pry it apart with my hands. then you scoop out the white with a spoon and try to keep shell splinters out of the deliciousness. it is difficult and time-consuming, but i think it is worth it to enjoy fresh coconut!
we rearranged the bedroom.
sadie has been unusually affectionate since we got back from santa cruz. i wonder if i'll find some poop behind the couch or something later this week.
i decided i'm probably not going to send holiday cards until i stop appearing on my parents' (will that ever happen?). plus i'd probably want to send the ones where you have a holiday-themed family photo or write a lengthy, gushing letter, and i don't know if i could talk corey and sadie into appearing.
we went on a bike ride last weekend, and it totally wore me out. part of it was because it was super-hard to pedal my bike since the seat post is too short to adjust to be high enough for me.
i have been really exhausted this week (not sleeping again), so i didn't get to do as much as i wanted to. that's why this post is so short.

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