some new developments

i am the potluck queen as well as the best recipe-follower i know. not to be conceited or anything. but every time i go to a potluck, everyone agrees my stuff is the best, whether it is a side dish, entree, or dessert. and all i have to do is find a recipe that looks good, buy and assemble the ingredients, and follow the instructions! it's really that easy! i made pumpkin pie brownies for the holiday party at the aikido dojo, and they were just gobbled up. they looked approximately like this:

taken from vegancupcakes.wordpress.com because i didn't get a chance to take my own and it would have looked worse anyway. the recipe is there as well.

i sent my folding bike back, and it cost me over $100 in shipping charges. who knew? and i outfitted my flea market bike with a higher seat, so that's wonderful. now i should be able to ride it without horrible leg cramping.

i went to a doctor who wanted to diagnose me on every symptom individually. when i say i'm stuffed up? "you have allergies. here's some nose spray." when i say i'm gassy? "you have irritable bowel. here's some vitamin b5." when i say i've got muscle pain and fatigue all the time regardless if i've exercised recently? "you have fibromyalgia." etc. etc. irritable bowel often accompanies fibromyalgia, and after looking up these things, it all seems to fit together. i go back on wednesday to see how i'm reacting to all the new medications. and all i went in there for was more sleeping pills! lexapro is supposed to start helping me sleep, but if it doesn't, i'll probably be able to get some more ambien or some lunesta or something out of her.
the doctor also recommended i start using a neti pot for my congestion. i have been using it for two days but feel more congested. maybe it takes a while to wash all that stuff out.

i got my juicer (thanks, mom and dad!) and have been making juice every night since i got it. today i embarked on a juice fast in which i consume nothing but juice and water, so we'll see how long i can do it. it's supposed to make you feel great, which is just what i need. if you juice enough things, you still get plenty of calories and all the nutrients but the fiber. the idea is to stop shoving more matter into your colon and give it a chance to clean the old stuff out (sorry if that's gross). to help it along, i'm getting a colonic on wednesday, which is also supposed to make you feel good. so by the end of the week, i should be feeling full of energy and pretty darn good! i hope it works since not much else has seemed to so far.

i set up the christmas tree:

we had the company holiday party at la mar cebicheria peruana, and it was actually a good restaurant choice they made. they seem to pick gross places a lot, but they like them, so maybe it's just me. but this place was without a doubt delicious. i had a yummy salad, a tamale appetizer, sweet potato chips and plantain chips AND regular potato chips with several dips, some sweet potato/pumpkin fritters for dessert, and some tasty wine. corey would love it, partly because their specialty is raw fish.

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