if this was new york, we could be at a bar drinking turpentine right now!

c had a nice birthday. we went to haight-ashbury and amoeba records and ate sushi at coach. SO GOOD! the gift i bought him, a clock-radio-ipod player, came with a broken remote, and then he decided he didn't want it anyway. so i'm sending it back.

it's tax time. every year i have to claim interest from some account that i apparently have with impd, but i have no idea how much is in this supposed account, nor have i knowingly ever seen this money.

we saw a comedy show as part of sf sketchfest yesterday: comedy death ray. it was funny. each comedian had a set about 20 minutes long. i thought mr. show's bob odenkirk would do a set, but he only appeared in a short scene with lots of other actors. so that was sad, but everyone else was still funny. one guy made fun of new yorkers. one lady made fun of san franciscans. one dude said something was "gayer than come on a mustache."

c's sick, so we're just kind of lying low. tomorrow i have to go to my volunteering gig, and then we're watching the super bowl! i want to see the steelers lose because i remember them killing the colts' chances at the super bowl many times when i was young.


a few pet peeves

it's time to put on my grammar crown and mention a few things i HATE to see in print that are wrong wrong WRONG.

1. "regime" when they mean "regimen"
2. "per say" when they mean "per se"
3. "as per usual" when they mean "per usual"
4. "is comprised of" when they mean something entirely different

that's all for now.

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tears of joy?

sadie looks "touched by an angel" here.

the first thing i would like to say is that i'm glad we have a new president who has inspired so many. the second thing i would like to say is that i strongly believe many of his disciples will find disillusionment and disappointment in the next four years. politicians are politicians forever. i can't wrap my head around barack obama as my personal lord and savior, but i guess we'll see. i'd love to be proven wrong. some people are downright annoying about it, though. he has appeared to have gotten a lot done today, at least.

i am feeling much healthier overall. i still think i need to sleep more, but i think that can be remedied just by going to bed earlier. gone are the days of three hours of sleep a night and lying in bed fearful and frustrated! i fall asleep easily, and if i do wake up in the middle of the night, i have no trouble getting back to sleep. i slept 10 hours today, but it still doesn't feel like enough. it was really nice to have that two-hour nap, though. now if i could only do something about eating late at night!

c's birthday is saturday, and he wants to go to the farmer's market with me after he heard what a great time i had going by myself last weekend. the merchants stuff you with so many free samples that you could eat lunch for free, but if that's not enough, restaurants serve food in booths there, too. i tasted my first pomelo (don't bother) and enjoyed many, many flatbread+spread samples at the afghani/pakistani and indian booths. the produce prices aren't spectacular, but they do offer delicious belgian waffles on a truck for $3.50. it was pretty fun, and i could see going fairly often. the date merchant offers an AWESOME deal on dates, though, which is good because whole foods' date prices are outrageous!

other than the farmer's market, though, c doesn't know what he wants to do for his birthday. it's supposed to rain, so i don't think we'll be hiking or biking. so i guess i have to pick a place for dinner and all that. i got him an awesome present; i just hope it gets here in time!

i made banana bread and crepes and will try my hand at sourdough this weekend.

my insurance company is making one retarded change after another. first they upped my copay for one of my doctors. then they stopped only requiring the copay for office visits for the rest and force me to pay a seemingly random amount every time. finally, they stopped covering my migraine medication; now instead of $10, it's $250!

i've been doing some thinking, and i think that for now, i'm just going to hold onto this job and not look elsewhere until the economy turns around - unless something bad happens and i lose my job. it's really a good job, and i doubt i'd have it so good anywhere else. plus the process of applying and interviewing in a crappy economy lowers my self-esteem because the chances of me getting a new job are even lower than before! i can handle not feeling completely fulfilled at work for a few more years, i think.

we went on a hike on sunday down by the marina. we were by the beach and the old u.s. navy airfields and cemetery and all.


beans, beans, the musical fruit

i had a dream last night that we got engaged! i had the most beautiful ring, but everyone in my family made fun of it. :(

this week has been fairly quiet. my job interview showed me that i did not want that job after all. the weekend was uneventful. we watched a couple of movies: pineapple express and wanted. they were pretty good. i spaced my psych appointment this morning and had to reschedule. i took sadie to the vet for a possible urinary infection, and now i have to force some pills down her throat for the next seven days. she gets very mad at me for this, but it is for her own good. she also is being fed a kind of canned food from the vet, and she does not appear to like this, either.

i made yeastless oatmeal bread since i'm not supposed to have yeast, and it was sooooo good. i'm trying my hand at sourdough this weekend, so i've made a "starter" that has to sit and ferment for three days. it's truly unappetizing.

tuesday night, we watched the cleaner with samuel l. jackson. this was pretty good, too, and even better because we could just download it instantly on netflix.

i also made c's favorite broccoli soup again this week, and i think it was my best batch yet. the best part about this recipe and something that i think too many recipes lack is the simple ingredients. i can make this soup without having to go to the whole foods. i would like to write a cookbook with this premise: simple vegetarian recipes with no weird ingredients, e.g., tofu, vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, almond butter, etc. so far i have two recipes: fudge and this soup. maybe someday. i think beans are the key to non-weirding recipes; my friend makes a lasagna with mashed lima beans instead of cheese (or tofu or cashews or any number of substitutes), and it is really good.

this weekend looks quiet as well. we might go out to dinner with friends, but other than that, it does not appear anything is on tap.

i am sleeping consistently. i am so, so happy and grateful.


new year, new me?

well, not really. but it kind of feels like it. i've been sleeping rather consistently, for one. i think it involves the addition of more protein to my diet despite the allergist's recommendations of avoiding processed soy (i.e. tofu, tempeh, and the like). i have been accomplishing this by eating THE BEST SANDWICH EVER. bet you never thought i'd have a reuben again, did you? marinated tempeh substitutes for the roast beef, and avocado makes an excellent stand-in for the cheese. i made my own faux thousand island out of soy mayo, ketchup, onions, and pickles. i cannot stop gushing over how delicious this sandwich is. i seriously could eat it every day.

I PAID OFF ONE OF MY STUDENT LOANS TODAY! YEAH! it was the one through the school with 8% interest, so i am really happy that's over. i no longer owe ANYTHING to that God-forsaken place, and that's a great feeling. they have this stupid process where i still have to mail the check with a note saying how they should use it (duh) and make sure they get it, but the check is written and in the mail! i'm free... except for $14,000 on my other one. this is my last debt, and i would like to pay it off as soon as i can, so i'm cutting my nonessential purchases WAY down (i.e., i previously budgeted $300/month for "fun" and now budget $100).

i went back to indiana for xmas. it was awesome seeing all my relatives! i hope to visit everyone again soon. everyone is nice, and no one can give me crap now that i've moved out. MUAHAHAAAA!!!! just kidding, kind of. it was hard to stick to my diet with all the delicious temptation around, but i did a pretty good job considering, and i don't regret it. my family got a wii for xmas. we would like one next year (hint?). the other big purchase i would like to make once we move out of this apartment is a new tv + cable.

c and i were in missouri for new year's eve. we saw a band at the blue note, dropped by the pasta factory's employee party, and then went to one of the employees' apartments for another party. beyond that, i'm afraid i can't tell you more about the night. i woke up at noon new year's day fully clothed with an oatmeal cookie in my hand and the taste of rumpelmintz in my mouth, and i have no idea what happened.

but besides that night, we got to hang out with c's family. LOVE j&j's new baby, mason. he is SO CUTE and happy as a clam all the time! the older baby is also a real trip but is at the age when kids start coming to terms with the fact that the world does not revolve around them so is less pleasant sometimes.

it was back to work for me, but the company gave me an INCREDIBLE holiday bonus, so it's not that bad, i guess. i have an interview friday for a staff writing position.

my goals for the year are as follows:
1. get super-healthy.
2. get engaged. *ahem*
3. get a new job.
4. pay off my student loans (this one is kind of a pipe dream, but i'm already on my way).

i think garlic is the best smell in the world. if c smelled like garlic all the time, wild horses couldn't keep me away.