beans, beans, the musical fruit

i had a dream last night that we got engaged! i had the most beautiful ring, but everyone in my family made fun of it. :(

this week has been fairly quiet. my job interview showed me that i did not want that job after all. the weekend was uneventful. we watched a couple of movies: pineapple express and wanted. they were pretty good. i spaced my psych appointment this morning and had to reschedule. i took sadie to the vet for a possible urinary infection, and now i have to force some pills down her throat for the next seven days. she gets very mad at me for this, but it is for her own good. she also is being fed a kind of canned food from the vet, and she does not appear to like this, either.

i made yeastless oatmeal bread since i'm not supposed to have yeast, and it was sooooo good. i'm trying my hand at sourdough this weekend, so i've made a "starter" that has to sit and ferment for three days. it's truly unappetizing.

tuesday night, we watched the cleaner with samuel l. jackson. this was pretty good, too, and even better because we could just download it instantly on netflix.

i also made c's favorite broccoli soup again this week, and i think it was my best batch yet. the best part about this recipe and something that i think too many recipes lack is the simple ingredients. i can make this soup without having to go to the whole foods. i would like to write a cookbook with this premise: simple vegetarian recipes with no weird ingredients, e.g., tofu, vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, almond butter, etc. so far i have two recipes: fudge and this soup. maybe someday. i think beans are the key to non-weirding recipes; my friend makes a lasagna with mashed lima beans instead of cheese (or tofu or cashews or any number of substitutes), and it is really good.

this weekend looks quiet as well. we might go out to dinner with friends, but other than that, it does not appear anything is on tap.

i am sleeping consistently. i am so, so happy and grateful.

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  1. don't worry, sarah, i would never make fun of your ring! i hope you know that. I'm glad you are sleeping consistently.
    Love, Mom


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