if this was new york, we could be at a bar drinking turpentine right now!

c had a nice birthday. we went to haight-ashbury and amoeba records and ate sushi at coach. SO GOOD! the gift i bought him, a clock-radio-ipod player, came with a broken remote, and then he decided he didn't want it anyway. so i'm sending it back.

it's tax time. every year i have to claim interest from some account that i apparently have with impd, but i have no idea how much is in this supposed account, nor have i knowingly ever seen this money.

we saw a comedy show as part of sf sketchfest yesterday: comedy death ray. it was funny. each comedian had a set about 20 minutes long. i thought mr. show's bob odenkirk would do a set, but he only appeared in a short scene with lots of other actors. so that was sad, but everyone else was still funny. one guy made fun of new yorkers. one lady made fun of san franciscans. one dude said something was "gayer than come on a mustache."

c's sick, so we're just kind of lying low. tomorrow i have to go to my volunteering gig, and then we're watching the super bowl! i want to see the steelers lose because i remember them killing the colts' chances at the super bowl many times when i was young.

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