tears of joy?

sadie looks "touched by an angel" here.

the first thing i would like to say is that i'm glad we have a new president who has inspired so many. the second thing i would like to say is that i strongly believe many of his disciples will find disillusionment and disappointment in the next four years. politicians are politicians forever. i can't wrap my head around barack obama as my personal lord and savior, but i guess we'll see. i'd love to be proven wrong. some people are downright annoying about it, though. he has appeared to have gotten a lot done today, at least.

i am feeling much healthier overall. i still think i need to sleep more, but i think that can be remedied just by going to bed earlier. gone are the days of three hours of sleep a night and lying in bed fearful and frustrated! i fall asleep easily, and if i do wake up in the middle of the night, i have no trouble getting back to sleep. i slept 10 hours today, but it still doesn't feel like enough. it was really nice to have that two-hour nap, though. now if i could only do something about eating late at night!

c's birthday is saturday, and he wants to go to the farmer's market with me after he heard what a great time i had going by myself last weekend. the merchants stuff you with so many free samples that you could eat lunch for free, but if that's not enough, restaurants serve food in booths there, too. i tasted my first pomelo (don't bother) and enjoyed many, many flatbread+spread samples at the afghani/pakistani and indian booths. the produce prices aren't spectacular, but they do offer delicious belgian waffles on a truck for $3.50. it was pretty fun, and i could see going fairly often. the date merchant offers an AWESOME deal on dates, though, which is good because whole foods' date prices are outrageous!

other than the farmer's market, though, c doesn't know what he wants to do for his birthday. it's supposed to rain, so i don't think we'll be hiking or biking. so i guess i have to pick a place for dinner and all that. i got him an awesome present; i just hope it gets here in time!

i made banana bread and crepes and will try my hand at sourdough this weekend.

my insurance company is making one retarded change after another. first they upped my copay for one of my doctors. then they stopped only requiring the copay for office visits for the rest and force me to pay a seemingly random amount every time. finally, they stopped covering my migraine medication; now instead of $10, it's $250!

i've been doing some thinking, and i think that for now, i'm just going to hold onto this job and not look elsewhere until the economy turns around - unless something bad happens and i lose my job. it's really a good job, and i doubt i'd have it so good anywhere else. plus the process of applying and interviewing in a crappy economy lowers my self-esteem because the chances of me getting a new job are even lower than before! i can handle not feeling completely fulfilled at work for a few more years, i think.

we went on a hike on sunday down by the marina. we were by the beach and the old u.s. navy airfields and cemetery and all.

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