when i hit da dance flo...

i got my new dehydrator trays!

they're not exactly what i expected. i thought they would be a very very fine mesh, but they seem solid. yet somehow, they say they dry fruit leather, soups, sauces, etc., so i think they'll be ok for crackers and breads, don't you? i'll let you know how it goes. i also got a pound of maca but have not received my irish moss/carrageenan. when i do, i plan to make a yummy raw pie or something for my birthday!

the kitchen is a mess. we can't figure out where all the flies are coming from. i think they come in through the window and stay for the fragments of food that invariably linger in places they shouldn't. i clean the kitchen on a fairly regular basis. maybe it's just that time of year.

i am breaking out in hives or something! i noticed a bumpy, itchy rash on my lower back, and now i have found it on my shin. maybe it's fly bites.

if you have five minutes and want a good laugh, watch this.

i want a new blender. i want a blender so good that it can really blend nuts instead of leaving massive chunks stuck at the bottom. i want a blender that can liquefy even celery. i want a blendtec. but that does not appear possible in the near future. i'll likely be using any birthday money, though, to make up for what i overspent in february: i had to pay for aikido, stock up on some grocery staples, and bought said dehydrator trays, maca, and carrageenan. in march, though, i am sticking to my budget!

i did go to bed marginally earlier last night: 11 p.m. instead of midnight or so. i had trouble getting to sleep and a lot of nightmares and woke up a few times in the middle of the night, but yet i feel a bit more rested than usual. the theory is that every hour of sleep before midnight equals two hours after. i'm working my way to 10, but this might be too hard. i might have to settle for 10:30.

i'm pondering my age and starting to wonder at what point should i act like a grown-up and start capitalizing appropriately. i like lowercase, but i don't like people thinking i'm not the grammar maven i profess to be. maybe on my birthday (six days, people - which one of you is buying me a wall-e?) i'll start.

here's a picture of that shepherd's pie i made. lentils stand in nicely for the lamb.



i'm going to post more often.

banana brownies that i'm trying not to eat!

i applied for an editor job with the examiner yesterday. i am qualified for it. the only question is whether they decide to hire someone who is overqualified for less money.

my birthday is soon. am i old yet? i want a pet robot a la wall-e, but failing that, i'd like to be able to afford a new blender. i feel that this one, although it has done well for $40, is just not as good at blending as i would like.

i got nailed in the throat yesterday at aikido. it was an accident, but it hurt and still does!

i am cooking only about once a week. i would like to keep it that way. it gives me a short respite from the same old menu structure day in and day out: smoothie, salad, dates, sprouts, almond butter. miso gravy is really, really delicious. i would rather have it than even mushroom gravy. i made a vegan shepherd's pie and gravy lower in fat this time by using vegetable broth instead of oil or butter.

last night, we went to the safeway. i hate shopping in unfamiliar stores. i don't like not knowing where things are. i also hate how they mislabel their produce. i was looking for a daikon radish. they had a sign for it, but it was next to the lemongrass. so i was left radishless.

i made this salad dressing of apples and celery. maybe my blender isn't powerful enough, or maybe i should have peeled the apples, but i didn't care for it. i have still been eating it, though, because i hate to waste food.


the oscars, diet mishaps, and more

well, not much more, really. life as i recall it does not contain any major developments over the past week or so. i should start blogging every day so that i remember anything remotely interesting.

i went to a lovely wedding. my friends m and v had a buddhist ceremony by lake merritt and a really pretty reception. guests had to provide a lot of stuff, such as food, decorations, recipes for their favors, and more. but i guess that is one way to do a low-budget wedding. there was also catered ethiopian food but no booze. the strongest thing you could get to drink was green tea. the bride had a blue dress and was very busy. i did not take any pictures because i forgot my camera. :(

i went to something called reflexology in the richmond. it's basically a 45-minute foot massage/acupressure followed by a 30-minute full-body massage. reflexology, i guess, is the idea that different parts of your foot correspond to different ailments occurring in the rest of your body and so they can be healed by applying the right pressure to that part of the foot. i don't feel any different, but it was the best $38 i've ever spent.

i also went to an oscars party. it was ok. it was hosted by people i didn't know, but i went with a few friends and at least enjoyed the show and company. sometimes it feels good to be in a room full of strangers.

lately, i have been CRAVING things i had decided long ago not to eat, including but not limited to potato chips, cheese, and fried chicken. why? could it be that the vegan ideal is not actually possible to sustain long-term? i have been considering returning to cheese, even though dairy is, like, the grossest thing ever. at least the end result is delicious, unlike milk or eggs or steak. so today i ate the rest of c's cheese. it was really quite good, but i think if i'm going to start including cheese again, i'd be better off with the quality stuff, not the $1.49/lb. discount grocery mozzarella. maybe this tiny cheese binge will be enough to get me through for a few more months before i start wanting stuff like this again.

i still don't believe the differin is doing anything for me. it's not worse than it was before, but it's certainly not better. i am doing my best not to pick at my face. today i have been pretty successful.

i talked to my grandpa. he has not been feeling well. i worry about him.

tonight i promised c i would make banana brownies and shepherd's pie. pictures might follow.



june 4-9!!!

i am so excited! i loved hawaii when the band went in high school. this time will probably be more relaxed because we won't be rushing around to get to tour buses, rehearsals, etc. on time. i think we plan to go hiking here: http://www.dayhiker.com/directory/hawaii_nopali.htm
and we'll probably do lots of other fun stuff too on the island of kauai.


i want you to go to wikipedia right now and search for lupercalia. it's only the best pagan alternative to a christianized holiday EVER!

we didn't go to firenze by night. it was pouring down rain so hard on friday and again on sunday that we decided it would be better to stay at home those days. we didn't do anything for valentine's day. i still want to go to that restaurant soon.

this weekend is the first of several weddings i am attending this year. friday is some kind of all-day combination bachelor/ette party, but we are only attending the evening festivities. then saturday is the wedding. it's going to be a really big deal; they have put so much effort into it, making their own cakes, coordinating a potluck, compiling and printing cookbooks for the guests, creating a silent movie to play in the background along with a playlist... it would be too much for me. i don't care how much it costs; i'd pay for someone else to organize catered food, open bar, decent music, etc.

i went to see coraline. it was a very cute movie but also creepy in places. this sunday, one of my friends wants to do something called reflexology with me. i don't know what it is, but it doesn't seem like it could hurt. i very much enjoyed the korean spa we went to together.

i went back to aikido yesterday. i was so glad! everyone was happy to see me, and i wasn't TOO rusty. i have my first kyu test (for sixth kyu, the easiest test i'll ever take and for which i'm already prepared) at the end of march or in early april. i was so sore today that i thought i was going to vomit. i don't recall ever hurting so much... except for when i first started aikido. i had to go lie down on the floor in the ceo's office (he's always in france, so it's pretty much a vacant room) and stretch twice today to continue functioning!

i went to the discount grocery, bought a chocolate bar, and somehow lost it between the store and the apartment. i was sad.

i am on probably week three of differin. i don't see it helping yet. it also doesn't help that i cannot stop picking at my face. i need to buy a pair of gloves.


happy chinese new year!

thursday night, as c's xmas gift to me, we went to see the eagles of death metal (with the living things).

it was high-energy, and the lead singer was throwing combs, presumably for his pornstache, into the audience. it was really fun.

the next day, i caught the flu! i felt so awful. i had the worst aches and a fever. i went into work for two hours but came home. however, by saturday, i was feeling great and felt great until last night, when i started coughing and having a sore throat. the cough kept me up for about three hours last night, so i called in sick to work again. i plan to go back tomorrow, but i managed to get a four-day weekend (despite being sick two of them!).

on saturday, we went to the chinese new year parade! here are some of the best pictures we got:

there were marching bands, groups of small children dressed as animals or twirling handkerchiefs or something, and crazy floats. it's the year of the ox, so many floats and people were wearing horns on their heads.

i made a red bean-salsa dish with baked polenta. it was pretty good. it just doesn't make that much! i also have made a "caesar" salad dressing using avocado. delicious! for valentine's day, we are going to a place called firenze by night because i really want italian.

i started differin last night. the doctor gave me the weakest possible dose, so i have doubts that it will do anything for my skin, but apparently my acne is supposed to get worse before it gets better by all accounts. so this will be a fun couple of months of me trying not to pick or give up.