i'm going to post more often.

banana brownies that i'm trying not to eat!

i applied for an editor job with the examiner yesterday. i am qualified for it. the only question is whether they decide to hire someone who is overqualified for less money.

my birthday is soon. am i old yet? i want a pet robot a la wall-e, but failing that, i'd like to be able to afford a new blender. i feel that this one, although it has done well for $40, is just not as good at blending as i would like.

i got nailed in the throat yesterday at aikido. it was an accident, but it hurt and still does!

i am cooking only about once a week. i would like to keep it that way. it gives me a short respite from the same old menu structure day in and day out: smoothie, salad, dates, sprouts, almond butter. miso gravy is really, really delicious. i would rather have it than even mushroom gravy. i made a vegan shepherd's pie and gravy lower in fat this time by using vegetable broth instead of oil or butter.

last night, we went to the safeway. i hate shopping in unfamiliar stores. i don't like not knowing where things are. i also hate how they mislabel their produce. i was looking for a daikon radish. they had a sign for it, but it was next to the lemongrass. so i was left radishless.

i made this salad dressing of apples and celery. maybe my blender isn't powerful enough, or maybe i should have peeled the apples, but i didn't care for it. i have still been eating it, though, because i hate to waste food.


  1. Adria27.2.09

    I want one of those brownies and I would have NO qualms about eating them. :)

  2. Damn straight you eat what you make...even if it's not so good...

  3. @adria i think it would be pretty easy to make a raw version - walnut brownies with some blended bananas on top, maybe with some psyllium to thicken it a bit. the cooked version can be found in _vegan with a vengeance_.


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