happy chinese new year!

thursday night, as c's xmas gift to me, we went to see the eagles of death metal (with the living things).

it was high-energy, and the lead singer was throwing combs, presumably for his pornstache, into the audience. it was really fun.

the next day, i caught the flu! i felt so awful. i had the worst aches and a fever. i went into work for two hours but came home. however, by saturday, i was feeling great and felt great until last night, when i started coughing and having a sore throat. the cough kept me up for about three hours last night, so i called in sick to work again. i plan to go back tomorrow, but i managed to get a four-day weekend (despite being sick two of them!).

on saturday, we went to the chinese new year parade! here are some of the best pictures we got:

there were marching bands, groups of small children dressed as animals or twirling handkerchiefs or something, and crazy floats. it's the year of the ox, so many floats and people were wearing horns on their heads.

i made a red bean-salsa dish with baked polenta. it was pretty good. it just doesn't make that much! i also have made a "caesar" salad dressing using avocado. delicious! for valentine's day, we are going to a place called firenze by night because i really want italian.

i started differin last night. the doctor gave me the weakest possible dose, so i have doubts that it will do anything for my skin, but apparently my acne is supposed to get worse before it gets better by all accounts. so this will be a fun couple of months of me trying not to pick or give up.

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