i want you to go to wikipedia right now and search for lupercalia. it's only the best pagan alternative to a christianized holiday EVER!

we didn't go to firenze by night. it was pouring down rain so hard on friday and again on sunday that we decided it would be better to stay at home those days. we didn't do anything for valentine's day. i still want to go to that restaurant soon.

this weekend is the first of several weddings i am attending this year. friday is some kind of all-day combination bachelor/ette party, but we are only attending the evening festivities. then saturday is the wedding. it's going to be a really big deal; they have put so much effort into it, making their own cakes, coordinating a potluck, compiling and printing cookbooks for the guests, creating a silent movie to play in the background along with a playlist... it would be too much for me. i don't care how much it costs; i'd pay for someone else to organize catered food, open bar, decent music, etc.

i went to see coraline. it was a very cute movie but also creepy in places. this sunday, one of my friends wants to do something called reflexology with me. i don't know what it is, but it doesn't seem like it could hurt. i very much enjoyed the korean spa we went to together.

i went back to aikido yesterday. i was so glad! everyone was happy to see me, and i wasn't TOO rusty. i have my first kyu test (for sixth kyu, the easiest test i'll ever take and for which i'm already prepared) at the end of march or in early april. i was so sore today that i thought i was going to vomit. i don't recall ever hurting so much... except for when i first started aikido. i had to go lie down on the floor in the ceo's office (he's always in france, so it's pretty much a vacant room) and stretch twice today to continue functioning!

i went to the discount grocery, bought a chocolate bar, and somehow lost it between the store and the apartment. i was sad.

i am on probably week three of differin. i don't see it helping yet. it also doesn't help that i cannot stop picking at my face. i need to buy a pair of gloves.

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