the oscars, diet mishaps, and more

well, not much more, really. life as i recall it does not contain any major developments over the past week or so. i should start blogging every day so that i remember anything remotely interesting.

i went to a lovely wedding. my friends m and v had a buddhist ceremony by lake merritt and a really pretty reception. guests had to provide a lot of stuff, such as food, decorations, recipes for their favors, and more. but i guess that is one way to do a low-budget wedding. there was also catered ethiopian food but no booze. the strongest thing you could get to drink was green tea. the bride had a blue dress and was very busy. i did not take any pictures because i forgot my camera. :(

i went to something called reflexology in the richmond. it's basically a 45-minute foot massage/acupressure followed by a 30-minute full-body massage. reflexology, i guess, is the idea that different parts of your foot correspond to different ailments occurring in the rest of your body and so they can be healed by applying the right pressure to that part of the foot. i don't feel any different, but it was the best $38 i've ever spent.

i also went to an oscars party. it was ok. it was hosted by people i didn't know, but i went with a few friends and at least enjoyed the show and company. sometimes it feels good to be in a room full of strangers.

lately, i have been CRAVING things i had decided long ago not to eat, including but not limited to potato chips, cheese, and fried chicken. why? could it be that the vegan ideal is not actually possible to sustain long-term? i have been considering returning to cheese, even though dairy is, like, the grossest thing ever. at least the end result is delicious, unlike milk or eggs or steak. so today i ate the rest of c's cheese. it was really quite good, but i think if i'm going to start including cheese again, i'd be better off with the quality stuff, not the $1.49/lb. discount grocery mozzarella. maybe this tiny cheese binge will be enough to get me through for a few more months before i start wanting stuff like this again.

i still don't believe the differin is doing anything for me. it's not worse than it was before, but it's certainly not better. i am doing my best not to pick at my face. today i have been pretty successful.

i talked to my grandpa. he has not been feeling well. i worry about him.

tonight i promised c i would make banana brownies and shepherd's pie. pictures might follow.

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