when i hit da dance flo...

i got my new dehydrator trays!

they're not exactly what i expected. i thought they would be a very very fine mesh, but they seem solid. yet somehow, they say they dry fruit leather, soups, sauces, etc., so i think they'll be ok for crackers and breads, don't you? i'll let you know how it goes. i also got a pound of maca but have not received my irish moss/carrageenan. when i do, i plan to make a yummy raw pie or something for my birthday!

the kitchen is a mess. we can't figure out where all the flies are coming from. i think they come in through the window and stay for the fragments of food that invariably linger in places they shouldn't. i clean the kitchen on a fairly regular basis. maybe it's just that time of year.

i am breaking out in hives or something! i noticed a bumpy, itchy rash on my lower back, and now i have found it on my shin. maybe it's fly bites.

if you have five minutes and want a good laugh, watch this.

i want a new blender. i want a blender so good that it can really blend nuts instead of leaving massive chunks stuck at the bottom. i want a blender that can liquefy even celery. i want a blendtec. but that does not appear possible in the near future. i'll likely be using any birthday money, though, to make up for what i overspent in february: i had to pay for aikido, stock up on some grocery staples, and bought said dehydrator trays, maca, and carrageenan. in march, though, i am sticking to my budget!

i did go to bed marginally earlier last night: 11 p.m. instead of midnight or so. i had trouble getting to sleep and a lot of nightmares and woke up a few times in the middle of the night, but yet i feel a bit more rested than usual. the theory is that every hour of sleep before midnight equals two hours after. i'm working my way to 10, but this might be too hard. i might have to settle for 10:30.

i'm pondering my age and starting to wonder at what point should i act like a grown-up and start capitalizing appropriately. i like lowercase, but i don't like people thinking i'm not the grammar maven i profess to be. maybe on my birthday (six days, people - which one of you is buying me a wall-e?) i'll start.

here's a picture of that shepherd's pie i made. lentils stand in nicely for the lamb.

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