But how will this make me FEEL?

I found a recipe for raw vegan Girl Scout cookies today, specifically Samoas. When the boxes I already bought disappear, I'll likely transition to those and never look back! Full of fat, but low on sugar, which is how I think I do best, really. Even though I love sugar.
Those cookies are the reason my sleep was so disturbed last night: I ate too many. My digestive system doesn't deal well with the myriad dietary sins committed in each cookie. I think I slept maybe four hours, so I called in late to work and slept maybe another hour and a half. So I have to stay late today. I didn't have enough energy to get to the gym.

For some reason, the consequences of anything I do aren't considered immediately before or during each action I take. I know eating crap keeps me awake and makes me feel guilty, yet those thoughts are far from my mind when I just can't resist those cookies any longer. I know that staying up late reduces the amount and quality of my sleep, yet I can't seem to get to bed any earlier because I'm doing "important" things... like watching Letterman. I should make asking "How will this make me feel later?" a routine before everything I do.

My new favorite salad dressing: lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

I eat a lot of salad.
Here we have salad, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and lentil sprouts. Plus dressing! Yeah!

My rash came back. Sad. And itchy. What on earth could it be? I put coconut oil, lotion, cortisone, even anti-itch cream on it, and no luck. It's weird because it's only under my tattoo, so you can't really see it, but you can certainly feel the bumps and I the itch!

I need to write thank-you notes for my birthday gifts, go to the bank, and purchase some items sometime soon. I ordered my bikini today. Backordered - of course!

It was so lovely outside today. Sunny and actually kind of warm. Too bad I had to stay indoors all day because I came in late.

I'm not usually watching TV at this hour. Often I am at aikido, at the gym, eating dinner, or something. But right now, I am watching TV, and the best thing on is Dr. Phil. I can hardly believe this is a show.

I am so sore and so tired. I am going to stretch, make my lunch for tomorrow, shower, and go to bed early. For real this time.

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