daylight savings time

AC came to San Francisco! Unfortunately, it was a weekend relatively devoid of pictures. Friday, we walked through Hayes Valley all the way past the Fillmore and into Japantown. The next day, she and her study-abroad friends (Japan) hit all the tourist destinations while I attended an aikido workshop.

...which was so much fun! So many people were crammed into the tiny dojo. The best (and worst) part was practicing the bokken, or the sword (don't freak out; it's all wooden). I'm not very good at it yet, so my arms are still really sore. But it was awesome to watch the people who were good at it. You know that if they had to, they would most certainly kill someone. After that was a party with hardly any food I could eat. Luckily I brought a little something called cookie pie. It was so delicious, and I plan on making it again this weekend. MMM.

Sunday, AC came over to Oakland and stayed with us. We went to Lake Merritt (where I finally got a little sun) as well as Trader Joe's. Get this: I bought almost all our groceries there (except salad because they didn't have huge containers and I would have needed to buy 18 bags of salad to equal what I usually get) for less than I would usually spend on a combo Whole Foods-Discount Grocery trip. Trader Joe's is so exciting! They're really keen in the snack department, too.

We went out for Ethiopian for dinner, and it was so yummy. I love the way they cook collard greens. Then we went back, hung out, watched TV, and chatted, and I made my food for the week, which was sun-dried tomato/chile/pumpkin seed enchiladas in dehydrated spinach tortillas:

This isn't my picture, but they look kind of like that green tube with white zigzags on it. Finally, the tortillas kind of came out right. I let them dry overnight and then dipped them in a little water to make them pliable again. I also made a cashew sour cream.

I used my juicer to make almond butter. I think I'll stick with the food processor method from now on, though.

I don't want to jinx it, but I think the skin on my face is starting to clear up. I'm trying SO HARD not to pick at it. I still have that itchy rash on my lower back, though. The color is really falling out of my tattoo there. When the rash goes away, I might have it touched up.

In other appetizing news, we got some roaches. We put out traps for them, but I still saw one crawling around this morning.
I've tried, but I simply cannot view bugs on the same level as the rest of life. They're too creepy, too crawly, too fast, and really quite unintelligent. If they weren't so fundamentally icky, I would have no problem eating them for protein and B12.

I had breakfast Sunday morning with M and V at the new Cafe Gratitude in the Oakland Whole Foods. It was so yummy. I just had orange juice and granola with almond milk. I should buy some of their granola next time I am there. Or I guess I have the recipe, so maybe I should just make it myself so it's cheaper.

It's getting colder. At least it is very sunny and we have one more hour of daylight!

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