Dear friends, I love you.

Yesterday, I went to breakfast at Cafe 'Tude with M. I ate their "porridge," and it was the first time I've ever eaten something there that wasn't spectacular in every way. Actually, that's not true; I had a chocolate-goji berry cheesecake once that was not very good, but I kind of knew it wouldn't be.

Anyway, then I went to the farmer's market, where I bought a whole bunch of the Afghan bolani and pesto that we love. Dates, though, are way cheaper at Trader Joe's, so I don't think I'll buy them at the market anymore. I also got salad with purple "edible flowers" instead of the yellow ones.

I ate some starfruit!

It took me back to my childhood. It's so beautiful, but I definitely remember it tasting better.

Last night, SM had a housewarming/Pi(e) Day party! It was a beautiful new place in the buildings that we have long admired from afar. It's like a hotel inside! I forgot to take any pictures except of my pie:

Notice the subtle "pi" pattern in the center.
The crust was pecans and dates. The filling was strawberries, dates, and lemon juice. The topping was cacao nibs. In addition to the sliced strawberries, the pureed filling did not make enough. I should have doubled that to help with the cohesion issue this pie/tart had. It came together really fast because I didn't have to bake it!
I didn't have more than a bite of this and didn't eat any of the other pies at the party, so I am very proud of myself. I did, however, perhaps imbibe a bit more wine than I should have. You know it's been a good night when you fall asleep in your eye makeup.

I love my friends because they put up with me talking a lot. When I'm with someone I know really, really well one-on-one, I don't talk half as much as I do when I'm in a larger group. I get social anxiety really bad and overcompensate by constantly running my mouth.

Our roaches are still there! GROSS! C took out all the drawers in the kitchen and found possibly pregnant ones walking around! EWWW!!!!!!!!111!!!!1!
So the drawers are just hanging out on our counter until we can get some "large roach" traps and some chemical-laden spray. We're not sure whether this is the landlord's problem or ours, but why wait? And we don't really want anyone bombing the apartment. Does anyone know a less-toxic solution?
We cleaned everything today. It's so hard to keep the place clean. We both feel like we're always wiping stuff down, doing dishes, picking stuff up, etc., but it's still a mess. The space issue only makes it worse! I'm looking forward to a bigger place and getting rid of this couch.

Yesterday was also ES's 15th birthday. I sent her some money. She said she didn't get to choose the restaurant where my family went to dinner last night. I think that's lame.

Today will be a day of weekly food preparation and a trip to the gym, I hope. I also need to write my thank-you notes. I'm really slacking here!


  1. Persephone15.3.09

    I f-ing love your blog.

  2. I f-ing love YOU, girl!

  3. oh... a roach solution I saw on tv... completely non toxic... you just have a guy come in and 'freeze' them. It does the same thing as bombing. I'm not altogether certain as to how, but many New Yorkers are fond of this procedure. i haven't tried it myself. Pardon the endless elipses.

  4. Weeeelllll it's too late now, but I saw this and thought I'd post it here anyways in case you want it for next year?



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