Today there was a guy walking down 3rd Street when a pop can fell (or possibly was tossed) out a third-story window and landed square on his head. I was right behind him and only saw it coming a fraction of a second before it hit. He looked around like "WTF?!" and then went on his way. I had to laugh. I wish I had a picture of the scene right before the can landed, with the can about a foot above his head.

I went to the Whole Foods at Harrison and 4th because it was on my way home and I had to get some salad. I also got some starfruit, which I haven't had in forever and will likely dig into tomorrow. I wish I had also gotten some avocados because I just cut open my last good one.

So I'm doing freelance editing for neo-factory.com. I've only started on the Web site, but I do hope they send me more documents to edit. I like where this is going so far. It's challenging work.

Starting Monday 3/2 was the Intro to Aikido for Adults class. It's four Mondays in a row. I missed last week's, but I went yesterday and was happy to see it was very crowded! You never realize how much you know until you try to teach it to someone, and last night, I realized I was very good at taino henko. Hey, it's a start. It was very cold on the mat, though, and my toenails turned blue and my feet numb.

I've been really self-conscious about my stretch marks lately because I'm looking at getting a new bikini. Now that I'm officially an adult, I'm not sure a pink plaid or Hello Kitty two-piece really works anymore. I read that self-tanner hides stretch marks, but then there's the upkeep of using self-tanner. Do you think a regular suntan would make them less noticeable? They're not colored; they're just kind of like dents. I wanted to get a Brazilian bikini bottom, which is skimpier than usual, but not if tanning that part of my body won't do me a bit of good.

It looks kind of like that, with less back coverage than your standard bikini. I want it in black.

And I want this top in white. I am not at all a fan of the matching bottom here, though.

I ate lunch at my desk today and used my lunchtime to lie on a park bench and attempt a short nap. I wasn't too successful because the bench was hard and flat and there were bums having loud conversation nearby, but I did snooze a little. Maybe I'll bring a pillow and blanket to work and lie in the grass next time.
I am definitely not bringing enough food to work. I cram my lunchbox full of food and also bring a thermos full of green smoothie, yet I am always starving and out of food by the time 3 p.m. rolls around. Today I brought my enchilada, kiwi, dates, brazil nuts, lentil sprouts, tomatoes, and smoothie, adding up to nearly 1,000 calories. Is that not enough? What else could I bring?


  1. Um, I may not be the one you want feedback from ;^) That stuff just doesn't look good on me.

  2. That bottom is cute...the black one.

    Body brushing and coconut oil + geranium essential oil are a great way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You'd want to do both daily and it will take some time to work. That's my suggestion..


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