It's my birthday!

A special holiday only for me, so do what I say!

I like to make a huge deal out of my birthday.



Burmese cuisine is rather nondescript, spicy, soupy stuff over rice. The best part was the soup. It certainly was not worth the hour and a half wait, but it was still good. I had wanted to go there for quite some time because we tried to go there before and didn't wait and I had heard it was soooooo good. C had a parking spot right on the corner!

I got lots of phone calls and stuff from my family and friends, so thanks for that:

Cupcakes from Mom, Dad, & co.

Homemade card from AW.

Card, socks, and flowers from C.
Facebook notes, text messages, and Twitter replies in abundance.

See? I'm using capital letters appropriately now. It's hard not to slide back into bad lowercasing habits, though.

I got a bruise on my foot. I think somebody stepped on it last night in aikido. Sensei described me as "very sensitive," i.e., inexperienced and not very tough. This, however, is not entirely true. I don't feel pain. Physically, that is.

AC is coming to SF tomorrow! I don't know what she has planned, but I hope we get to meet up. Today is her birthday, too!

What does it mean to be 23? I think it means I can no longer pass for college-aged because of the four-year bachelor's degree stereotype. I guess this means I'm a real grown-up now. Last year was just practice.

I was planning to make a huge payment on my student loans with my tax refund. However, with a five-year-old computer that is missing some keys, retaining several major dents, constantly needing to be plugged in, and has a CD currently stuck inside it, I've decided to buy a new computer with some of the money. I think five years is a really good run for a computer, don't you? I would like to get a new one before this one totally craps out so much that I can't transfer my music and data and such. So next week when I get my money, I'll go to the Apple store, get this CD out of my computer, and purchase a new one. Then and only then will I thereafter buy a new blender and put the rest on my student loans.


  1. i liked it lowercase...but do whatever it is you need to do to feel grown up :)

  2. hey sarah, can you get a student discount thru corey on your computer?

  3. @Kristi we'll see how it goes. I might relapse.
    @MOM great idea! I looked into it and saw I could save $100 or so if I buy it through him.


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