my raw cheese experience

in two words: not good.
i tried some at the farmer's market.
the taste sensation was incredible, magnificent. but still it was not as good as i had hoped.
it gave me gas, bloating, constipation, addiction (all told, i probably ate four ounces of cheese in the span of fifteen minutes, going back again and again for another piece), and cravings for things i usually don't want.
i had heard that cheese made with unpasteurized milk can have a different effect on the body than regular old cheese can. this did not apply to me. never again.

i did my taxes this weekend. turbotax says my refund is going to be enormous! i can buy a new blender and make a huge dent in my student loans!

also, a future freelance opportunity was presented to me today. the extra cash will be good.

i've ordered new hiking shoes for hawaii:

and new rain boots because my old ones now have holes in them:

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