national grammar day

check out the sushi i made:

it was so nice, i photographed it twice:

and no, i didn't use all that wasabi.

it's that time of year again: happy national grammar day! is it coincidence that it occurs the day before my birthday? i think not. celebrate by having a grammartini!

the new cafe gratitude opened in the oakland whole foods!!! now i only have to walk a couple blocks instead of going all the way to berkeley. i am so excited! i went there today to buy myself a slice of birthday cake:

i didn't ask, but i think the flavor is lemon poppyseed. for some reason, with the poppyseeds looking like a kind of "crust" and the lemon on top, it looks a bit like a salmon fillet to me. weird.

speaking of cake, i wanted to take cupcakes to my friends at aikido. yeah, maybe i just wanted to call attention to myself and the fact that tomorrow is my birthday, but so what?

i know; they look like boobs. i realized this about halfway through applying the chocolate chips. i just decided to roll with it.

i lost a bunch of weight but then put it back on again. by "a bunch of weight," i mean five pounds. but still, it seems like a lot on a person like me. i think i've been eating more food because of aikido, which apparently doesn't burn as many calories as i was assuming. oh well. after my birthday, it'll be back into diet mode again.


  1. You crack me up!!!

    Congratulations on having Gratitude in your hood. Delicious.

    Happy Birthday :)

  2. Persephone5.3.09

    I love it! What's in your sushi? Your cake looks yummmm.

  3. @Kristi thanks! It was quite a day.
    @Persephone the cake looked better than it tasted. In my sushi, I used daikon radish chopped up in my food processor to stand in for the rice. I also used collard greens, marinated mushrooms, avocado, carrot, and cucumber. They sure were full!


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