Piedmont: where the clubs are hoppin'

Here's Sadie on her scratcher/chair.

I love getting my nails done. Kelly over at Mizu Spa really works magic with my cuticles:

...in case you wondered what my feet look like now.

It's so relaxing. They put this warm compress thing around your neck that smells really good. They give you water or tea. They sit you in these comfy armchairs with all these pillows. After soaking your appendages and doing your nails, they massage your feet and hands with delicious-smelling lotion.
Nail polish is stinky, toxic, and chips easily. So I just get a buff, which is awesome and makes it look like I'm wearing amazing, unchippable clear polish. It's been a long time since I had one and will likely be a while before I get one again. I can maintain it pretty well for a while, though, especially because they'll give you the buffing block afterward if you ask.

I have serious posture problems. Apparently you can buy a back brace on Amazon. It seems my will and muscle alone can't manage to align my spine properly for longer than 60 seconds.

"Wear under or over your clothes!" Why would I ever want to wear it over my clothes? This might help me. I think I will lay off the spending for a month or so, though, as I incurred major credit card debt this month due to computer, blender, etc.

These new things couldn't be nicer! LOVE the Vita-Mix. I really noticed the difference in smoothie consistency this morning. If you let it run for too long, though, it'll start cooking your stuff. Ew, hot smoothie. I can't wait to use it in my nut-cheese-making foray this weekend.
I'm using my new computer as we speak.

This is IT. NO MORE STAYING UP LATE. I can't even get all of the minuscule amount of work I have to do at my job done because I keep nodding off. Seven hours doesn't do it for me. Even eight hours doesn't seem to do it for me. I think I need nine nowadays. So, bedtime at 10 except for Mondays, when CSI: Miami is on, in which case I'll push it back to 11, and for weekends, because I rarely have to get up for anything and so can sleep in. I'm laying down the law. I have to. I really do want to be healthy, so I need to make things like that a priority.
I scheduled my colonic series. It'll start while C is away on spring break and last six days. I am going to juice fast for real this time starting that Sunday night. Since C will be gone, I will not have any food around that could tempt me off the fast and hopefully will be able to make it three days. I fail every time I try this, but I read that springtime is more conducive to such cleanses, so maybe this time it will be easier. My colon hydrotherapist told me that some guy came to her while suicidal but had 21 sessions in a row, and this apparently fixed it. My first colonic was incredible; my second, not so much, but I think I was unconsciously not letting myself release things, if you catch my drift. After that week, I'll be light as a feather!

We walked to Piedmont instead of the lake for once. It was a nice change. There's a lot going on in that neighborhood! It's too bad there isn't a BART station there; otherwise we might consider moving there.

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