he's like wall-e, but a slug. we found him on a hike in pacifica yesterday:

and his brother:

and his friend the groundhog:

we had lots of great views:

it was a little cloudy, but the sun poked through a few times. check out the light on the water:

and then we went down to the beach to drink diabolique merlot and watch the sun set on the surfers:

this is my favorite part of living here, i think.

yesterday i went to the farmer's market. i waited until about an hour before it closed. that's the thing to do so you can get the deals from everyone trying to unload their stuff. i got a pound of greens free (that's $5 saved) and a box of dates free because the date guy said he didn't like them when they got all mushy (that's $7 saved). sadly, they did not have any brazil nuts. it seems that no matter where i go around here, nobody has them! but they turn up in planter's mixed nuts all the time! so i guess i'll have to order them. or maybe rainbow grocery in the city has them. they also have dr. cow "cheese" that i've been dying to try, so i hope to get there at some point next week. if all else fails, there's always the internet.

ac is coming this weekend! it's both of our birthdays, so things might get a little crazy.

i have to go to the grocery and the library today. tonight i am making some quinoa. later this week, i need to make cupcakes to take to aikido to celebrate my birthday and something for saturday's dojo workshop. i don't think i'll ever stop baking occasionally. i love to bake things and share them with my friends. to me, it is the ultimate expression of platonic love!

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